Ozonetel to promote development of innovative cloud telephony applications in India

       By: Prachi
Posted: 2011-03-11 23:04:40
Partners India’s first ‘Startup Weekend’ in Bangalore & Delhi as part of the initiative

Bangalore, March 11, 2011: Ozonetel Systems, a pioneer of the cloud telephony technology in India plans to promote and encourage the development of voice based cloud telephony applications in the country. As a part of this initiative, Ozonetel announced its partnership with India’s first Startup Weekend in Bangalore to be held from 11th-13th March at the Microsoft office ‘Signature’ building. Ozonetel will make its unique IVRS and India’s first hosted cloud telephony platform, Kookoo.in available free at the event to help application developers, programmers and entrepreneurs host their applications and create a commercial case for a credible business venture.

Ozonetel’s Kookoo.in is the simplest and easiest way to build telecom applications, IVRs and office PBX. It is an interface between the web application and the caller which takes the phone commands and executes them to the caller. It allows developers and programmers take advantage of their existing web application development skills to build innovative telephony apps and enables enterprises scale on demand, paying only as per the use.

Murthy Chintalapati, Founder & CEO, Ozonetel Systems, said, “With the usage of voice in India being far higher than web usage, it is becoming the touch point for any application, especially e-commerce. The masses in India find voice far more convenient and its reach much higher for anything from movie tickets to travel tickets to local search. Kookoo allows enterprises easily develop and leverage telephony applications without the hassle of learning new technology or investing in new and additional infrastructure. We are happy to partner at the first ‘Startup Weekend’ event in Bangalore and Delhi, which is expected to witness a huge confluence of software developers, graphic designers and business people to build innovative applications that form the basis of a business venture. We are looking to partner more such events to encourage the development of telephony applications in India”.

“Ozonetel will award the Kookoo ports for 6 months worth INR 60,000 in value, to the winners of the events both in Bangalore and Delhi Startup Weekend. Additionally, for participants who want to build a startup on kookoo, we will provide the port free for 3 months so that they can run their startup without paying us anything”, he added.

About Ozonetel Systems:

Ozonetel Systems is a pioneer of the ‘cloud telephony’ technology in India and will enable enterprises reach out to a huge customer base in India that may not access the Internet and finds it easier to avail products and services through the telephone. Founded in 2007 by serial technology entrepreneur Murthy Chintalapati, Ozonetel’s flagship offering ‘Kookoo.in’ is India’s first hosted telephony platform. Kookoo.in enables existing web/e-commerce portals to use telephony as a channel to service customers in an innovative manner. Ozonetel encourages thousands of entrepreneurs to launch innovative services over the phone and leverage the platform with no upfront investment.
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