Sunshine Preschool launches Summer Camp from 15th April '10

       By: Amit Prasad
Posted: 2010-04-10 06:54:32
Hyderabad, Sunshine Preschool announces its 5th summer camp in all 13 locations in Hyderabad which involves learning, frolic and fun scheduled from 15th April '10 to 28th May'10. Enjoy seeing your tiny tots experimenting something new while utilizing their time properly.

Sunshine is more than just about making money from parents, it is about the conviction that this institution is offering immense value to children and parents in their journey towards building a strong foundation for their future life. Summer Holidays are the time to enjoy, relax and take a break, but at the same time, it can also serve as a means to train your children in activities other than just rote learning of curriculum, expose them to a wide range of extra curricular events so that they spend their time effectively while learning something. Most organizations would keep the details of their summer camp as top secret as the Annual Budget of Govt of India! But in continuation of Sunshine's process to be open and transparent with customers, children's parents, Sunshine is always willing to share with you a day wise detail of the 60+ fun, activities and innovative learning features of this Summer Camp this year!!

Specifically designed to enhance Physical, Cognitive and Creative skills of your child, Sunshine's programs are intended to wow you with pride and happiness that you will experience towards end May when you see all the innovative tidbits that were designed by your little one! Time spent away from TV, away from just waking up late and other similar activities. So spend a few minutes browsing the Sunshine site or calling one of our centers, take the right decision for your child. Also, there is an exciting discount for those who bring along a neighbor, friend or relative, so get them along too!

About Sunshine Preschools
Sunshine India's 1st Preschool and Daycare Chain, is a venture of SatNav Group. SatNav is a pioneer and leader in the Preschool cum Daycare concept in India since 2004, with 13 owned centers, most of them also having partnerships with leading corporate. Over 5000 children have passed out of our institution's portals till date. Sunshine's multiple Daycare facilities for working parents ensure that there's a preschool and 12+hour Day care facility close to either one's work place or home. Sunshine's mission is to involve employee partnerships, their convenience leading to an organization's benefit.
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