Mini Storage Businesses Earn Big Pay Off for Young Investors

       By: Gabriel J. Adams
Posted: 2007-02-07 20:21:24
Young entrepreneurs are seeing healthy profits in self storage due to easy start up, minimal maintenance requirements, and low failure rates.

Utilizing durable, manufactured steel buildings, mini storage units cost less to build than traditional real-estate investments. Without the appliances, plumbing, and other details associated with multi-family dwellings, and retail or office spaces, management costs are low.

One of the most appealing incentives for young investors is the low failure rate of self storage businesses, about 8 percent compared to 53 or 63 percent failure rates in typical real-estate ventures.

Michael McGahee, owner of Discount Storage in Mt. Pleasant, Texas, was a lot like most young investors when he got into the self storage business. "I am the largest storage provider in North East Texas," said Michael. "When I started in 1998 with no experience or knowledge of metal buildings, American Steel Buildings was and still is a great partner to have."

Investors across the country and from many different backgrounds are finding success in the self storage business. Any area where consumers are accumulating new things or relocating, such as developing cities or areas populated with military personnel, there is a high demand for mini storage buildings. Investors include:

• Baby Boomers seeking retirement careers
• Farmers who find their land surrounded by growing suburbs
• Stock investors who are interested in diversifying
• Small business owners looking to capitalize on vacant land

"The self-storage industry's future is very bright and it will continue to mature along with the demand for its use," said Dean Brown, president of American Steel Buildings, Inc., a steel mini storage building distributor with twenty years experience, "The advantages for investing in self-storage and mini-storage are numerous and will continue to bring profits to investors young and old."

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About American Steel Buildings Inc.
American Steel Buildings has designed and distributed quality pre-engineered commercial steel buildings since the 1980s. They build a wide variety or structures, such as mini storage/self storage buildings, retail spaces, offices, warehouses, churches, and agricultural buildings, while complying with all local codes. American Steel Buildings Inc. has received numerous awards from the Better Business Bureau, Nucor Steel, Spirco Manufacturing, and others.
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