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           21 April, 2024

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Hawaiian Anti-Aging Secrets Revealed in New Skin Care Product

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2007-01-24 21:03:26     
Gabriel J. Adams

Native Hawaiians have always known that Kukui nut oil and other organic botanicals indigenous to Hawaii have powerful anti-aging and protective qualities. Now, H. Maloha combines these botanicals with the latest advances in skin care science to create a skin care serum that naturally promotes healthy, younger looking skin.

It is a powerful healing ingredient, but so gentle that it was used by ancient Hawaiians to protect the skin of newborns. Our serum is the first skin care product to combine this gentle moisturizer with the proven anti-aging effect of red algae.

"Hawaiian natives have used Kukui nut oil for years to protect their skin," said Scott Mounce, marketing director for H. Maloha, a skin care company from Hawaii that aspires to preserve natural beauty while protecting the environment. "It is a powerful healing ingredient, but so gentle that it was used by ancient Hawaiians to protect the skin of newborns. Our serum is the first skin care product to combine this gentle moisturizer with the proven anti-aging effect of red algae."

While H. Maloha's commitment to the environment and pure ingredients will certainly attract consumers looking for high quality skin care products, it is the combination of rare ingredients that give this anti-aging serum its competitive edge. Two such ingredients are astaxanthin, the red algae that give lobsters and other crustaceans their red color while protecting them from intense sunlight, and KuKui nut oil, an emollient found in Hawaii.

Red algae contain the most powerful anti-oxidants found in nature, five hundred and fifty times more powerful than vitamin E, according to clinical tests. These anti-oxidants protect skin from free radicals, sun and pollutants -- the main causes of wrinkles and fine lines. KuKui Nut oil is a unique lipid which provides a moisture barrier while allowing the skin to breathe and heal. H. Maloha's skin care serum also includes 20 other botanicals and vitamins.

H. Maloha uses pure, natural and organic ingredients, supports eco-friendly harvesting, and does not engage in animal testing. Their bionutrient skin care products are also free of alcohols, chemical perfumes, and dyes, which makes them ideal for those with sensitive skin.

The bionutrient face serum created by H. Maloha has been found to have the following benefits:

• Protects against Premature aging
• Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
• Improves firmness and elasticity
• Eliminates free radical damage, the cause of 85% of all aging
• Stimulates natural collagen production and helps prevent collagen breakdown
• Revitalizes and repairs stressed skin
• Creates brighter, cleaner, glowing skin

To learn more about H. Maloha and take a free skin care quiz visit www.hmaloha.com.

About H. Maloha
H. Maloha is a unique skin care company dedicated to sharing the anti-aging secrets of Hawaii with the world. Using advance scientific discoveries as well as the pure nutrients found in rare Hawaiian botanicals, they have created a bionutrient face serum that heals and protects like no other skin care product available. H. Maloha is proud to protect the Hawaiian ecosystem with safe, natural manufacturing practices and also donates a portion of all proceeds to The National Children's Cancer Society.

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URL: http://www.hmaloha.com
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