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           16 May, 2021

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2007 Interfaith Calendar is Project for Interfaith Bridge Building

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2007-01-13 23:00:29     
Gabriel J. Adams

Bringing a message of goodwill and peace, EthnicIsland.com announces the availability of its free over-sized 2007 Interfaith Calendar highlighting a different religion each month and featuring a collection of pen-and-ink drawings of architectural and spiritual landmarks by renowned artist, K.P. Singh.

Each month of the calendar describes a specific religion with Singh's art work connected to that faith. Also included are excerpts from Sikh scripture or other inspirational writings. For example, January highlights Sikhism and includes an except from Jaap Sahib, Patshai 10: "Salutations to you, O God who is sun of suns, the moon of moons; king of kings and king of kings of angels; the darkest pitch darkness, the brightest of lights; manifested in the tiniest of seeds and largest elements of nature and creation." April features Christianity with Singh's drawings of the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, and May explains Judaism with a picture of the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

The 2007 Interfaith Calendar is a project of the Sikh Center of Orange County, California and EthnicIsland.com is a sponsor of the project. In keeping with mission of EthnicIsland.com to showcase unique artists from around the world, the 2007 Interfaith Calendar project was created as an opportunity to promote Sikh artists from around the globe. According to Bicky Singh, president and CEO of EthnicIsland.com, "I've been trying to get K.P. Singh to do a calendar for several years, but he wasn't interested, unless it could carry an interfaith theme. I'm so pleased to have his talents showcased in this project for interfaith bridge building."

K.P. Singh is a philosopher and theologian who strives for peace in the world, "If we believe in God, then I think we have to believe in each other and it doesn't matter what faith and culture we come from. By building friendship, we can come to peace." Singh further says, "I believe a lot of our trouble is coming from our misunderstanding of other cultures, other faiths."

Since 9/11, the turban wearing Sikhs were often mistaken for Muslims. K.P. Singh has felt this prejudice and hopes the 2007 Interfaith Calendar can lead to greater understanding and appreciation of diversity. Says Singh, "This calendar is not just a colorful presentation of my drawing or lofty ideals. For me it has the potential of a thousand discussions and forums among people, educators, spiritual leaders, and neighbors. Our learning from and about each other is the first step to dispel darkness that begins with ignorance and stereotyping that has led humanity to one too many conflicts. We need to give each other our peace and seek friendship through mutual respect and understanding."

EthnicIsland.com, based in Yorba Linda, California, serves the music community by providing world music, marketing and distribution through its e-commerce site. It has a long-standing relationship with thousands of open-minded music enthusiasts. Artists looking to partner with EthnicIsland.com may contact them at (714) 694-0163.

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