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           24 May, 2022

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Florida Company Discovers Revolutionary Way to Stay Looking Good and Healthy

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2006-12-24 20:44:28     
Gabriel J. Adams

TechLght Systems, inventor and developer of new product applications of cutting edge semiconductor and solid state light technologies, has made a breakthrough discovery using light in the blue range.

There is very little doubt that all toothbrushes in the future will employ blue light and the UltraBlu™ will be the first.
The Company was developing a new blue light curing device for the dental profession that is used for curing dental composites, when the Company realized that their new solid state blue light technology could be a greater benefit to people with gum disease. Tens of millions of people in the United States alone have gum disease. After examining different product applications using the new technology it was decided that the most practical use would be to incorporate the blue light into a toothbrush. The toothbrush is used daily by everybody and would therefore be most beneficial to the greatest number of people.

The blue light also blitzes plaque and when used in combination with toothpaste containing urea peroxide or hydrogen peroxide whitens teeth. The innovative toothbrush called, UltraBlu™ is a totally new dental care system that represents a quantum leap in oral hygiene. UltraBlu™ compared to whitening strips has many advantages. The whitening strips do not kill bacteria that cause gum disease or destroy plaque. With the UltraBlu™ Toothbrush the use of nasty chemicals are not necessary. The biggest advantage in using the UltraBlu™ is that the teeth whitens as you brush, thereby eliminating a second step, that of using whitening strips.

The patent pending UltraBlu™ is a revolutionary dental care system that not only cleans the teeth but also prevents many forms of gum disease. Dr. Goodson, an associate clinical professor of periodontology at Harvard Medical School and Forsyth Institute stated, "Technology employing blue light to improve oral ecology could be the most important advance in maintaining periodontal health since the invention of the toothbrush." Among the more destructive bacteria are the so-called "black-pigmented bacteria" (BPB), which have been implicated as pathogens associated with periodontitis. Such bacteria accumulate black pigment consisting mainly of organic compounds called porphyrins. Some porphyrins are photosensitive and when activated by visible light, induce a photodynamic reaction that kills the micro-organism within seconds.

TechLight's President, Michael Barnes stated, "There is very little doubt that all toothbrushes in the future will employ blue light and the UltraBlu™ will be the first." The Company is aggressively working to get its innovative product to market, which should be market ready by the first quarter of 2007

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