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           13 April, 2024

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Fleet Tutors Launches Personal Statement Advice Service

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2012-07-21 01:03:23     
Jackie Deans

Hampshire, United Kingdom (26th June 2012) - Fleet Tutors, a leading provider of private tuition, has launched a new service that aims to help students improve their personal statements before they are sent to universities.

As competition for university places is higher than ever, universities are paying more attention to students' UCAS personal statements. Fleet Tutors recognised this as an important area students may require help with and subsequently rolled the service out alongside their other tuition services.

Their experienced and professional tutors can help students cover the four major areas of personal statement writing - why you have chosen that particular course; how are you qualified for that course; why you should be chosen over other candidates; and what do you envisage doing with your degree once you have graduated.

Their tutors have experience of dealing with all UK universities, including Oxford and Cambridge, as well as American and other overseas universities.

A spokesperson for Fleet Tutors said: "More and more people are applying for university and therefore the competition to get a place is much more competitive. Therefore, it's important that students have a personal statement that could potentially give them the edge over other candidates to secure a place on their ideal course. Our tutors know what universities look for when they read personal statements and can help tailor a statement to specific courses and universities to help them stand out from the crowd."

About Fleet Tutors:
Fleet Tutors has thirty-five years' experience helping students of all ages unlock their full potential and achieve their goals. As Britain's leading provider of private tutors, Fleet Tutors has a team of highly-qualified staff with vast experience teaching all ages. They aim to help people of all ability levels, age ranges and backgrounds to gain the results they need and realise the future they want.

Jackie Deans
Fleet Tutors
251/253 Chiswick High Rd.
London, UK

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URL: http://www.fleet-tutors.co.uk
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