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           25 October, 2020

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QSpex® Technologies, Inc. Announces the Introduction of the QSpex Premium Lens System

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2011-05-23 22:57:36     
General Manager

Alpharetta, Georgia (May 17, 2011) -- QSpex Technologies, Inc. announces the roll-out introduction of the QSpex Premium Lens System, a breakthrough technology that allows vision care providers to produce top-quality premium lenses on site in about 30 minutes, at significant savings compared to lab-surfaced lenses. The System will initially be available in July in the Southeast (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, southern North Carolina and Tennessee). Availability of the System will be expanded in October to Delaware, Maryland, northern North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio, southern New Jersey, Virginia, Washington DC and West Virginia. The System will be available nationwide by early 2013.

The QSpex Premium Lens System is a simple, easy to use, cost-effective technology that enables vision care providers to produce top quality premium single-vision or progressive lenses with any combination of premium lens treatments, at cost savings of 30% to 50% or more compared to lenses ordered from a lab.

Lens options that can be produced in office with the QSpex Premium Lens System include:

• Clear lenses

• 7-layer, vacuum coated, oleo phobic and hydrophobic AR lenses

• Polarized lenses*

• Polarized lenses with backside AR*

• Photo chromic lenses**

• AR/Photo chromic lenses**

All QSpex lenses include an integrated scratch resistant coating.

*Available September 2011 **Available January 2012

About QSpex Technologies, Inc — QSpex Technologies, Inc. was founded in 2007. The company’s mission is to provide vision care providers with the unique capability to increase patient satisfaction with both the quality of the lens delivered and the time to finished product. The company’s proprietary technology has been created by Dr. Kai Su, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer. Dr. Su has been the innovator of multiple groundbreaking products in vision correction, including Soft colors® Contact Lenses and Optic lean® Contact Lens Cleaning Products. QSpex CEO Steve Martin is also an industry innovator; he founded Ciba Vision in 1980 and Ciba Vision Ophthalmic in 1990.

About the QSpex Premium Lens System - The QSpex Premium Lens System was designed to be sensitive to providers’ workloads and time constraints. Its quick, simple, easy operation requires no special skills and under 30 minutes of training. The actual hands-on time requiring operator attention is less than 5 minutes per pair of lenses, often less time than it currently takes to transmit a lens order to a lab and follow up on patient inquires. The System utilizes single use, plastic disposable molds, meaning there is no need to clean the molds after use; they are simply thrown away or recycled. Furthermore, no gaskets are required. Each back mold is supplied with a single use pre-attached lens spacer. To complete the assembly a front mold (provided separately) is simply pushed into the spacer. All lens treatments are coated onto the molds and transfer during lens polymerization (curing). This results in treatments that are not just coatings, but an integral part of the lens.

The QSpex System produces consistent premium quality lenses. QSpex AQuity™ 155 lenses meet or exceed the quality of the best lab produced lenses.

With AQuity 155 lenses:

• Every lens is on power – every time

• Every minus lens has a 2.0 mm center – every time

• Every lens is 1.55 index and is 20% thinner than a CR-39 with equal center thickness

• Every lens has a specific gravity of 1.11g/cm³ making it lighter than polycarbonate or CR-39

• Every lens is visually clear with an Abe Value of 40

• Every lens is significantly more impact-resistant than CR-39

• Every lens is automatically scratch resistant coated

• Every lens blocks 100% of UVA and UVB

• Every lens is easy to edge, drill, notch or groove

• Every AR lens is oleo phobic, hydrophobic and 7-layer, vacuum coated

• Every progressive lens has, state-of-the-art digital design, outstandingly clear distance, intermediate and near performance and warranted problem-free adaptation

The QSpex Premium Lens System produces lenses in powers that cover 86% of prescriptions (-4.25D to +2.00D with cylinder to - 2.00D and Progressive adds of +1.00D to +3.00D all in 0.25D steps).

The QSpex Premium Lens System allows vision care providers to offer personalized customer service tailored to individual patient needs. It’s not about glasses in an hour. It’s about elderly patients that might have difficulty coming to the office. It’s about patients that live a long distance from a practice. It’s about special patient circumstances. It’s about building and maintaining long-term relationships and trust between providers and their patients. It’s about delivering glasses when the patients want them. And most of all, it’s about the exceptional quality and personal customer service the System allows the vision care provider to deliver over and over again.

The QSpex Premium Lens System provides the ability to personally control lens costs and facilitate higher margins. Lenses produced with the QSpex System will save 30% to 50% or more compared to traditional optical lab-surfaced lenses, depending on the lens option.

The QSpex Premium Lens System requires minimal space (about the size of a 4 drawer file), and minimal capital expenditure, and it quickly pays for itself. An entry System, introductory priced at under $4,000, allows users to produce clear and AR lenses. It includes all the equipment required, plus a mold cabinet and a complete set of molds. A full System that adds the ability to produce polarized and photo chromic lenses is introductory-priced at under $5,000. Promotional rebates of up to $2,000 can further reduce the net price of the System.

Specialized in: Premium Lens
URL: http://www.qspex.com
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