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           16 May, 2021

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Plumbclick Comment on the Benefits of Water Softeners

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2011-01-21 23:16:01     
Simon Brown

Essex, United Kingdom (January 14, 2011) - Plumbclick, a leading online supplier of plumbing supplies, heating and bathroom equipment appliances, comment on the benefits of using water softeners in heating systems and kitchen appliances.

Plumbclick can provide a range of water softeners which can be used in a variety of water heating and kitchen systems, and they can ultimately reduce energy usage in the home and the usage of soap, detergents and shampoo. Another benefit of water softeners is that homeowners will experience softer skin and shiner hair as a result, and will have softer laundry and will find cleaning easier around the home.

Research commissioned by the Water Quality Research Foundation has also concluded that water softeners are one of the best household energy savers, as they help to preserve the efficiency of water heaters and major appliances. This research also found that water softeners also helped to keep showers and taps unclogged. The study reported that units, such as washing machines and dishwashers, were completely free of any water scale build up, whilst the units using hard water needed to be de-liming due to the build up of deposits and scale.

Approximately 60% of the UK, including most areas of London, suffers from hard water which can cause rapid scaling in kitchen appliances and heating appliances, such as combi boilers. As a result, this leads to early failure of systems or would require regular extensive maintenance. Hard water surfaces can also cause lime scale in sink basins, shower screens, shower heads and wash basins.

A spokesperson for Plumbclick commented: "The advantages to water softeners are endless. They not only allow home appliances and systems to last significantly longer, but they can make the home easier to clean and improve the quality of a person's skin and hair. We encourage our customers to consider purchasing a water softener to ensure their appliances and systems are continually lime scale free. We can offer a range of different water softeners for a variety of systems at an affordable and competitive price."

About Plumbclick:
Plumbclick is an Essex based independent online plumbing service, providing plumbing supplies such as boilers, heated towel rails, shower pumps, water heaters and more. They have a variety of plumbing apparatus styles which can be incorporated into modern and traditional bathrooms, living rooms and kitchens.

Contact Information:

Simon Brown
Unit 7, Commerce Way
Whitehall Industrial Estate
Colchester, Essex

URL: http://www.plumbclick.co.uk/
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