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           19 April, 2024

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Shapely Cast Iron Teapots

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2010-11-06 07:37:49     
Melina Thomas

Teapots MTH - Teapots MTH are the leading supplier of Cast Iron Teapot. Cast Iron Teapot heat evenly and retains heat well. Cast iron is a very strong material and it is also very good at retaining heat. Cast iron teapot allows you to drink tea throughout the day. Teapots MTH offers collection of cast iron teapots like large Japanese cast iron teapot, HuesNBrews cast iron teapot, teavana cast iron teapot and Old Dutch 24-ounce cast iron harmony teapot.

Japanese Cast Iron Teapot is in black color with Nail Head pattern. Japanese cast iron teapot includes one tea kettle and one removable stainless steel infusing basket. The tea kettle capacity is 26-ounce. The cast iron teapot is also known as tetsubin in Japan and is a Japanese teapot made from sturdy cast iron. HuesNBrews Cast Iron Teapot comes completely with a stainless steel strainer. Teapot is 12-ounce capacity. Stainless steel is used to prevent rust from forming inside the teapot.

Cast Iron Teapot is also used as kettles for boiling water. Cast Iron Teapot should have proper care like wipe and dry it after each use, don’t leave tea standing in the cast iron teapot for a long period of time, avoid contact with salt and oils and use mild detergent when cleaning the teapot and not to soak. Before using your teapot for the first time you should rinse it out thoroughly with hot water. Cast iron teapot can last for years and can be passed down through generations if they are used and cared properly.

Making tea with cast iron teapots is a simple process. For making the tea, teapot could not heat directly, only add hot water to it and add tea leaves in hot water for few minutes. The benefit of cast iron teapot is that it makes very nice tasting tea.

About Castironteapot.net

Castironteapot.net provides information about various collections of cast iron teapots offered by Teapots MTH. It is one of the most popular website. Detailed information about how to use and care cast iron teapots can be obtained from this website.

For more information visit: http://www.castironteapot.net

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