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           19 May, 2024

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Bacteria Pervasively Contaminating Chinese Drywall Conclusively Identified

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2010-06-15 08:18:15     
RealTime Laboratories, LLC

RealTime Laboratories, LLC announced today significant new findings regarding pervasive bacterial presence unique to contaminated drywall. RealTime has identified specific bacteria found only in symptomatic drywall and not in normal domestic drywall that are viable, pervasive and produce hydrogen sulfide and reduced sulfur gases under conditions similar to those found in residences. Cultures developed by RealTime using symptomatic contaminated drywall demonstrated a bacterial mat formation, generated copious amounts of hydrogen sulfide, and reproduced rapidly in standard laboratory tests. Similar testing of normal non-symptomatic domestic drywall did not reveal this bacterial growth. DNA analysis of these cultures using Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) technology has identified the bacteria as Sulfobacillus thermosulfidooxidans. Further, RealTime has genetically identified an additional species in certain symptomatic Chinese drywall as Acidothiobacillus thiooxidans. These bacteria were shown to grow in both aerobic and anaerobic environments consistent with literature references which disclose that certain sulfur bacteria can form protective layers such that in an aerobic environment, they can metabolize under anaerobic conditions. Previous published studies, in which RealTime scientists participated, had identified a very similar bacteria, Thiobacillus ferrooxidans, on direct non-culture extracts. This "ecology" of several similar sulfur species, identified exclusively in symptomatic contaminated drywall, is consistent with literature references of the waxing and waning of specific sulfur species as they pass through the sulfur growth cycle. These bacteria are also known to produce sulfur in the form of S8 in their life-cycle, providing a rational scientific explanation for the presence of sulfur in Chinese drywall.

Significantly, RealTime has also conclusively identified symptomatic contaminated drywall from blind samples submitted using the culturing and DNA identification of the bacteria indicated above.

The identification of sulfur gas-producing bacteria specific to contaminated drywall that are viable, growing and actually producing the gases found in residences with symptomatic contaminated drywall is conclusive evidence of pervasive bacterial contamination and a direct link to the production of reduced sulfur gases.

About RealTime Laboratories, LLC

RealTime Laboratories, LLC (RTL) is a molecular biology and microbiology laboratory specializing in the detection of mycotoxins in human and environmental samples. RTL uses patented DNA testing to help patients and their physicians determine the effects of exposure to environmental toxins. To date, RTL has conducted the only peer reviewed and published research on the subject of contaminated drywall and offers the only viable method to determine if a home has potentially symptomatic material.


Dave Murcott


Telephone: (972) 243-7754

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