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           04 March, 2024

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Applications of a Voice Activated TV Remote control

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2010-05-15 07:12:57     
Amulet Devices

The Voice Activated TV Remote Control is the most recent technology made available to the home automation and windows home media enthusiasts. Home media systems have developed to such proportions that you can now manage audio, TV programmes, home-movies, DVD's and images in your home library with a series of voice commands.

So, how does a Voice-enabled Remote Control work? The remote device relays your voice prompts to your Windows Home Media center via a built in microphone and sometime referred to as a 'Wireless Digital Audio link'. These means that you will be have to be in proximity to the remote control for it to register your voice prompts.

Some of voice activated TV remote controls require that you tilt the remote at a certain angle in your hand but the better quality ones utilise advanced positioning technology with smart filters to determine when you are voicing a command and when you are chatting to people in the room. Certain basic commands which are commonly used include: 'play', 'stop', 'record' and 'skip'.

Essential features for a great Voice Activated TV Remote Control:

•Media recognition my name. (For example selecting a series, the season you want to view and episode number)

•Audio response to questions. (For example if you want to find out what the name is of a song that is playing the system will respond to a question with an audio response)

•A remote that switches easily between manual button pushing and voice control is handy for a multiple users with different preferences.

•Another aspect to consider with multiple users would be whether or not the remote can be customised to multiple user profiles.

•Another handy feature to consider is timeline control. (For example: a good voice activated remote control should be able to skip 1 hour and 15 minute ahead in a movie if the user commands it.)

•Compatibility is also a key issue to look for. Voice Activated TV Remote Controls with infra-red learning capabilities are handy to control other audio visual equipment on top of managing your Windows Home Media Center.

The advantages of voice activated remote controls for automating your Window Home Media system are easy to quantify once you know the specifications of the remote control itself. Look for online demos and videos (YouTube is great for this) to help you choose the combined technologies that work for you.

Cutting edge voice activated media center technology by Amulet Devices. Offering you voice activated remote controls for windows 7 media centers in USA and UK

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