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           27 February, 2024

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Healthy Air And Water Purifiers: Certified Distributor Of UV Purifier Products

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2010-04-13 06:34:00     
Thomas Broadhead

Healthy Air and Water Purifier is a certified distributor of CaluTech UV Air and Water Products, in addition to being a certified distributor of Aquasana Water Purifiers.

"Ultraviolet air purifiers are not just for allergies. UV light can destroy many virus types, mold, and bacteria," says the Healthy Air and Water Purifiers spokesperson. Adding further, the spokesperson says, "If you suffer from asthma or allergies you should consider germicidal air purifiers."

The air and water purifier system one installs in one's home should be such that where the air purifier greatly improves indoor air quality, the water purifier should be able to provide on demand pure drinking water.

The CaluTech UV air purifiers distributed by Healthy Air and Water Purifiers produce ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) with nano technology.

The spokesperson further says, "These powerful ultraviolet air cleaners greatly improve indoor air quality, provide clean air and reduce indoor air pollution."

According to Caltech, manufacturers of the UVGI air purifiers, : "These UV light air purification systems are built to last, and are strong and solid," adding, "There are a lot of choices for germicidal protection UV light air purifiers on the market today, but with our Patent Pending Snapcat technology you have the best choice available right here."

Through the use of Snapcat technology, the interior surroundings get purified, the odor is removed, and the internal environs become revitalized and pleasant. This technology is based on the most advanced Nano technology, which is known as Photocatalysis. Through Photocatalytic Oxidation unwanted odors, pungent smells, allergens, air pollutants as well as harmful toxins get broken down.

Healthy Air and Water Purifiers offers a number of different air purifiers to suit the different requirements of their customers.

"A visit to our website will give you an idea of the various air and water purifier products we distribute," says the spokesperson.

The Caltech water purification systems come with UV filters made from Grade 304 Stainless Steel. These filters are maintenance free and offer high output water purification. The users receive pure water on demand.

The water filters by Aquasana distributed by Healthy Air and Water Purifiers provide water quality that is better than bottled water and "for less than 2 cents a bottle," informs the spokesperson.

These drinking water filters offer the healthiest and tastiest water by filtering out chlorine, lead, VOCs (volatile organic chemicals), THMs (trihalomethanes), cryptosporidium (leads to gastrointestinal illness), giardia, and MTBE (Methyl-t-butyl ether).

In addition to drinking water filters by Aquasana, Shower Filters as well as Whole House Water Filters are also available. These top Aquasana products are also distributed by Healthy Air and Water Purifiers.

Visit www.healthyairandwaterpurifiers.com to learn about the air and water purifier products on offer by Healthy Air and Water Purifiers.

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URL: http://www.healthyairandwaterpurifiers.com
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