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           22 October, 2020

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Ghostvillage.com Offers Proof of the Existence of Ghosts

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2006-10-14 02:45:22     

Ghostvillage.com, the Web's largest supernatural resource for true ghost evidence, pictures, recordings, and research, announced today that in 2006 the Web site published its 500th ghost encounter. Each encounter contains the account of an eyewitness to ghostly phenomena.

"If this were a court of law, two or three witnesses would be enough to convince a jury beyond a reasonable doubt," said Jeff Belanger, Ghostvillage.com founder and author of several books on ghosts and hauntings. "We've now published over 500 testimonies from all over the world, each from a person who has experienced something supernatural and profound that has changed their lives forever. For these 500 people and the millions of others who have had this experience, no more evidence is required. They have their proof."

By offering a great volume of supernatural evidence from individuals and groups, Ghostvillage.com hopes to challenge those who don’t believe in ghosts and further the discussion within the realm of science as well as the spiritual.

In addition to offering hundreds of encounters, research articles, anomalous photographs, video, and audio recordings, the Web site today announced the launch of Ghostvillage Radio – a new weekly podcast featuring seasoned radio hosts Ron Kolek and Maureen Wood of New England Ghost Project. The weekly show will offer interviews with some of the leading names in the field of paranormal research, recaps and commentary on recent news items of interest to the paranormal community, and audio correspondence from researchers from around the world.

"We're thrilled to bring our Ghost Chronicles program to Ghostvillage.com’s huge global audience," said Ron Kolek, host of Ghostvillage Radio. "The podcast format will enable us to cover each week's news and events in depth and explore this important subject with those who know it best without the typical constraints of terrestrial radio."

Ghostvillage Radio will kick off Monday, October 23, 2006 and will be available for free download from the Web site's features section.

"After seven years of operation, we're ready to take Ghostvillage.com to the next level," said Belanger. "Ghostvillage Radio is the next step in the evolution of our huge community. Having Ron Kolek and Maureen Wood to run the show will offer our listeners hosts who are not only experts, but who can bring some personality and color to this research."

About Ghostvillage.com
Since 1999, Ghostvillage.com has been providing ghost research, evidence, and discussion to its global audience. The Web site has been independently verified by Google.com and Alexa.com (an Amazon.com company) as the most popular Web site on the Internet covering the subject of ghosts and the supernatural. The site regularly receives between 4 and 6 million hits per month and has tens of thousands of subscribers to its free monthly email newsletter.

About Jeff Belanger
Jeff Belanger is one of the world's leading experts on supernatural phenomena. He's the founder of Ghostvillage.com, been a guest on over 100 radio programs all over the world, he's been featured on television programs covering the paranormal, lectured around the United States, and he's the author of six books including: The World's Most Haunted Places, Our Haunted Lives, and Ghosts of War.

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