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           28 January, 2023

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Rapid Application Development Tool (RADT) by SPEC INDIA

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2009-10-12 07:20:24     
Venkatesh Pai

SPEC INDIA has created an indigenous Web Application Development RAD tool using .Net (C# and ASP.net, XML). . The objective of this tool is to provide a ready to use framework incorporating all the common functionalities that are required in any business application development. As most of the common functionalities is readily available to the Development team, they can focus more on the Business logic and usability aspect, hence improving the overall Quality of the application.

There is plethora of such tools available in the market for Rapid application development today and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The USP of this tool is that it can reduce the development time by more than 50%. Due to the features packed in the tool, it certainly has an edge over the other companies in terms of Price, Quality, and Usability.

The list of some of the common functionality include

• Insert, Update, delete
• Search(Incremental/ Text)
• Export to xls/HTML
• Column sort
• Graphs(Pie/3D/Line)
• Filter Rows/Columns
• Master details forms
• All basic field Validations in the UI
• Debug mode
• Upload docs
• Pagination
• User Role management
• Menu Management
• Hierarchical Tree view for the related information
• Form generation for data entry
• Cross browser Compatibility
• Simple/Medium/Complex HTML Reports
• email intimation

The tool has the following advantages

• Very Small code size of the library(Size of the library is < 500KB )
• HTML is generated dynamically
• Code is maintained in a single XML file with embedded SQL statements
• It can connect to any of the Standard Databases(SQL Server, Oracle etc)
• Reusability - Most of the common functionality can be easily reused in application
• Bug fixing - Bug fixing at one place will fix the bugs in the full application. There is no duplication of code hence it can save bug fixing efforts.
• It does not require to purchase separate component for Graph/Reports
• Modification/Changes and maintenance of the application will be much easier

Developer is expected to know only the following to develop any application

• RADT Library interface
• XML Scripting
• SQL Queries/Triggers/Stored procedures
• Some knowledge of .net will be a plus if custom coding is required.

Overall developed application size is < 2MB (Excluding Images/attachments) This tool can be easily ported to Java, Flex or any other technology. The XML will remain the same only the library will change.

Specialized in: Software Development Company - Software Solution India - Software Application Development - Custom Software Application Development - Legacy - Application Support And Maintenance - Office Within Office - Java Application Development - Oracle - Mobile Computing
URL: http://www.spec-india.com
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