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           29 March, 2023

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Reportlinker Adds Nanopatterning Report

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2009-09-15 01:07:19     

Reportlinker.com announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue.


This report analyzes the Global Market for Nanopatterning in Millions of US$. The market for "Nanopatterning" in this report is analyzed by the following technology types - Nanoimprint Lithography (Hot Embossing Lithography, UV Nanoimprint Lithography, Soft Lithography, & Others), Scanning Probe Lithography, and Other. Annual forecasts are provided for the period of 2005 through 2015. The report profiles 28 companies including many key and niche players worldwide such as Ambios Technology, Inc., AMO GmbH. EV Group, Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P., IMS Chips, International Business Machines Corp., Micro Resist Technology GmbH, Molecular Imprints, Inc., NanoInk, Inc., Nanonex Corp., NanoOpto Corp., NIL Technology, Obducat AB, Optomec, Inc., Sigma-Aldrich Corp., STMicroelectronics N.V., SUSS MicroTec AG, Toppan Photomasks, Inc., Transfer Devices, Inc., Veeco Instruments, Inc., and Vistec Semiconductor Systems GmbH. Market data and analytics are derived from primary and secondary research. Company profiles are mostly extracted from URL research and reported select online sources.


Study Reliability and Reporting Limitations I-1

Disclaimers I-2

Data Interpretation & Reporting Level I-3

Quantitative Techniques & Analytics I-3

Product Definitions and Scope of Study I-3

Nanoimprint Lithography I-3

Hot Embossing I-4

UV Nanoimprint Lithography I-4

Soft Lithography I-4

Others I-4

Scanning Probe Nanolithography I-4

Others I-4



Current and Future Analysis II-1

Polymer Electronics to Propel Demand for Nanopatterning II-2

Semiconductor Industry Spending Cuts Unlikely to Cause Major

Impact II-2

NIL - A Strong Contender II-2


Introduction to Nanotechnology II-3

A Conceptual Definition II-3

What is Nanotechnology? II-4

Background II-4

Leaving Conventional Size Behind II-5

Introduction to Nanopatterning II-5

Nanopatterning Technologies II-6

Nanoimprint Lithography II-6

Processes II-7

Hot Embossing Lithography II-7

Ultraviolet Nanoimprint Lithography II-7

Step-and-Repeat Nanoimprint Lithography II-8

Step-and-Stamp Imprint Lithography II-8

Step-and-Flash Imprint Lithography II-8

Microcontact Printing II-8

Others II-9

Soft-UV NIL II-9

Combined Nanoimprint and Photolithography II-9

Advantages II-10

Limitations II-10

Applications II-10

Scanning Probe Nanolithography II-10

Dip-Pen Nanolithography II-11

Scanning Tunneling Microscopy II-12

Atomic Force Microscope-based Lithography II-12

Scanning Probe Contact Printing II-13

Nanografting II-13

First Method: Nanoshaving II-13

Second Method: Nanopen Reader and Writer II-14

Third Method: Vesicle Fusion II-14

Fourth Method: Meniscus Force Nanografting II-14

Fifth Method: Cathodic Electrografting II-14

Local Anodic Oxidation II-14

Constructive Nanolithography II-14

Nanostencil Lithography II-15

Drawbacks II-15

Potential Applications II-16

Other Nanopatterning Technologies II-16

Self-Assembled Monolayers II-16

Nanopatterning through Phase Separation of Polymers II-16

Laser-based Particle Deposition II-17

Sputtering II-17

Roller Nanoimprint Lithography II-17


Biological Applications II-18

Microfluidics II-18

Electronic Devices II-19

Semiconductors II-19

Optoelectronics II-19

Integrated Circuits II-19

Nano-optics II-20

Nanosensors II-21

Potential Industry Requirements for Hot Embossing Lithography II-21

Potential Industry Requirements for UV-NIL II-22


NIL and IMS Announce Electron Beam Lithography Collaboration II-23

NanoInk Establishes NanoStem Cell Division II-23

Carl Zeiss Acquires Stake in Nanoscribe II-24

Replisaurus Completes Smart Equipment Acquisition II-24

Molecular Imprints Announces Next S-FIL Phase II-24

Obducat Secures NIL Systems Orders II-25

Obducat Wins Order to Supply NIL Systems to Luxtaltek II-25

Heptagon Purchases IQ Aligner from EV Group II-26

Molecular Imprints Secures Order for Imprio HD2200 from Fujitsu II-26

NanoInk Establishes NanoFabrication Systems Division II-26

API Nanotronics Acquires NanoOpto II-26

Western Digital Acquires Komag II-27

SUSS MicroTec and Philips Research Sign License Agreement II-27

NanoInk Licenses DPN Technology from Arrowhead Research II-27

JSR Micro and IBM Sign Joint Research Agreement II-27

HP Licenses NIL Technology to Nanolithosolutions II-28

CMJ and Obducat Sign NIL Equipment Distribution Agreement II-28

NanoInk and Schmidt Scientific Reach Distribution Agreement II-28

STMicroelectronics Orders Obducat's NIL R&D System II-29

Obducat Secures DSI Order for Eitre(R) NIL System II-29

NanoInk Obtains Three Patents for Nanoscale Manufacturing II-29

Ambios Technology Completes Quesant Instrument Acquisition II-30

Silver River Ventures Acquires BioForce Nanosciences II-30

Bridgehead Group Acquires Major Interest in NIL Technology II-30

NanoInk Signs Exclusive License Deal with Georgia Tech II-31

Nanonex Wins Order from Sandia National for Ultra-100 II-31

DTU Establishes New Nanotech Unit II-31

Obducat Secures European Patent II-31

Obducat Wins US Patent for E-beam Lithography II-32

Obducat to Secure US Patent for NIL II-32

Obducat to Receive First Japanese Patent for NIL II-32

Molecular Imprints Receives 'Texas Emerging Technology Fund'

Grant II-32

Leica Microsystems SED Changes Name to Vistec Semiconductor

Systems II-33

Nanonex Delivers Nanoimprintor to University of California II-33

Nanonex Delivers NIL System to Forschungszentrum II-33

Golden Gate Acquires Leica Microsystems' Semiconductor

Equipment Division II-33

Toppan Printing Acquires DuPont Photomasks II-34

Merck KGaA Acquires Covion Organic Semiconductors II-34

Benchmark Signs Distribution Agreement with Quantiscript II-34

University of Massachusetts to Set up Nanoimprint Lithography

Laboratory II-34

EV Group Joins Hands with Komag to Develop NIL Data Storage

Application II-35


Transfer Devices Introduces New Tools for MxL Processes II-36

Molecular Imprints Launches Imprio(R) HD 2200 System II-36

Molecular Imprints Introduces Imprio(R) 300 Patterning Solution II-36

SUSS MicroTec Upgrades Manual Mask Aligners with Nanoimprint

Toolkit II-37

Obducat Introduces New NIL System for High-Volume Production II-37

Veeco Instruments Launches Innova SPM II-38

Molecular Imprints Launches New Imprint Lithography Tool II-38

Vistec Launches VB300 e-Beam Lithography Tool II-38

Vistec Unveils New SB3050 for 32nm Technology Node II-39

Veeco Unveils New NanoMan II Atomic Force Microscope II-39

Molecular Imprints Unveils Imprio 250 NIL System II-39

SUSS MicroTec Launches Nanopatterning Stepper II-40


Korean Scientists Develop New Nanopatterning Technique II-41

Princeton University Researchers Develop Direct-Write

Nanopatterning Technique II-41

API Nanotronics Develops Deep-Ultraviolet Polarizers II-41

S.E.T. and CEA Leti Develop FC300 High-Force Device Bonder II-42

Georgia Institute Researchers Develop Nanolithography Technique II-42

ATDF Announces Innovative Nanopattern(TM) Test Wafer II-42

US Scientists Use DNA Molecules as Nanolithography Template II-43

AMO Researchers Demonstrate Nanoscale FinFETs Using UV-NIL II-43

SUSS MicroTec and VTT Develop Nano Imprinting Stepper II-43

Northwestern University Scientists Develops Advanced

Nanopatterning Technique II-44

Louisiana Researchers Develop Patterning Method for Nano-

Assembled Thin Films II-44

Innos and NSI Develop Accurate Nanopatterning II-44


The Emerging Nanopatterning Methods (NAPA) Project II-45

NILCom II-46

International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors II-46

THE ITRS Lithography Roadmap II-47

Sematech Nanoimprint Lithography Program II-47


Ambios Technology, Inc. (USA) II-48

AMO GmbH (Germany) II-48

EV Group (Austria) II-48

Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. (USA) II-48

IMS Chips (USA) II-50

International Business Machines Corp. (USA) II-50

Micro Resist Technology GmbH (Germany) II-51

Molecular Imprints, Inc. (USA) II-51

NanoInk, Inc. (USA) II-51

Nanonex Corp. (USA) II-52

NanoOpto Corp. (USA) II-52

NIL Technology (Denmark) II-53

Obducat AB (Sweden) II-53

Optomec, Inc. (USA) II-53

Sigma-Aldrich Corp. (USA) II-54

STMicroelectronics N.V. (Switzerland) II-54

SUSS MicroTec AG (Germany) II-55

Toppan Photomasks, Inc. (USA) II-55

Transfer Devices, Inc. (USA) II-56

Veeco Instruments, Inc. (USA) II-56

Vistec Semiconductor Systems GmbH (Germany) II-56


Table 1: World Recent Past, Current & Future Analysis for

Nanopatterning by Technology Type - Nanoimprint Lithography

(Hot Embossing Lithography, UV Nanoimprint Lithography, Soft

Lithography, and Others), Scanning Probe Lithography, and

Other Technologies Markets Independently Analyzed with

Annual Sales in US$ Million for Years 2005 through 2015

(includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-58

Table 2: World 10-Year Perspective for Nanopatterning by

Technology Type - Percentage Share Breakdown of Dollar Sales

for Nanoimprint Lithography (Hot Embossing Lithography, UV

Nanoimprint Lithography, Soft Lithography, and Others),

Scanning Probe Lithography, and Other Markets for Years 2005,

2010, and 2015 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-59

Table 3: World Recent Past, Current & Future Analysis for

Nanopatterning Application in Semiconductor and Other

Microelectronic Devices with Annual Sales in US$ Million for

Years 2005 through 2015 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-60


Total Companies Profiled: 28 (including Divisions/Subsidiaries - 30 )

To order this report:


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Intl: +1 805-652-2626

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