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           26 February, 2021

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Interactive Touch Now Mainstream

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2009-07-17 23:07:17     
Caltron Industries, Inc.

Touch Screens for self service. To meet the demand for shorter waiting lines, interactive touch-screen displays are now part of many venues. Major retail stores, hardware stores, sport shops, and movie theatres all have stand alone interactive kiosks to offer consumers the touch technology experience. Self service kiosks in the forms of self-service check-out stands, self service movie ticket purchasing machines, airport self-service check-in stands, and interactive information touch displays are now mainstream. The screen size of these free standing interactive kiosks range from 15" to 17" in a 4 x 3 form factor.

Touch Displays for End-cap settings. With self service becoming mainstream, interactive touch display screens are now found at the end of store shelf aisles. These space saving LCD touch-screen displays help with price checks or with any questions regarding a particular product. When not being used, these LCD displays continuously play ads and other information regarding any store featured product - televisions, gaming products, food, and other consumer goods.

Touch-Screen Kiosks. In addition to ATM machines with touch, free standing self service ticket purchasing machines are now part of the services offered at movie theatres. Airport check-in times have been reduced due the self service touch screen kiosks. These free standing touch displays can be found not only at airports, but at convention centers and major hotels.

To help you meet this demand for touch screen display technology, Caltron offers 12.1-inch to 19-inch LCD Touch Display Solutions. All in the 4 x 3 aspect form factor. We also offer 22" and 24" widescreen open frame monitors with and without touch. Our technology includes both resistive and SAW - serial or USB interface - all in a plug and play and ready to integrate chassis.

Specialized in: Touch Screen Monitor - Touch Monitor - Touch Panel - Touchscreen - Touch Screen Lcd - Surface Acoustic Wave Touch Screen - Saw Touch - Touch Open Frame Monitor - Human Machine Interface - Hmi
URL: http://touchscreen.caltronind.com
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