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           13 July, 2020

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English to Tagalog is the new buzzword in translation industry

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2009-05-10 05:24:48     
Translation Services

Does the language Tagalog sound unfamiliar to you? It may be if you are not familiar with the fact that Tagalog is the Austronesian language, spoken in Phillipines by around 22 million people and throughout the world by around 90 million people. It is also the forerunner of Filipino, the native language of Philippines.

Located in South East Asia, Philippines is the world's 12th most populated nation. It is one of the emerging economies in the world and agriculture is the basis of economy here. The other industries that have contributed to growing economy are production, tourism, mining and business process outsourcing. As a result, the country has found a place amongst the "Next Eleven" economies. The native language of the country is Filipino which is derived from Tagalog. Besides Philippines, this language is widely spoken in Australia, USA, UAE, UK, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong and Switzerland. This highlights the growing importance of this language. So if you are a company looking to capture any of these markets, you must use the services of English to Tagalog translation agency.

As the countries where Tagalog is being spoken are too important to be missed, many countries want to get their documents translated in Tagalog. Consequently many translation agencies have started providing English to Tagalog translation services. This has increased the competition amongst the translators. To get more business, many of these Tagalog translators resorted to price cuts. But unfortunately, these reductions weren't matched by the corresponding improvement in quality. As a result, many companies lost money as well as their business. So when selecting a translator for your translation services, you need to exercise extreme caution and use certain criteria when choosing amongst the various service providers.

Factors to be considered for selecting an English to Tagalog translation agency:

• Is the translator ISO 9001 and EN 15038 certified? Only those who have these certifications are capable of delivering the highest quality of service.
• Are the employees working with the Tagalog translation agency native Tagalog speakers? If you want error free translation, then always give preference to those who employ native Tagalog speakers.
• Interested in getting a financial report translated? Does the translator have financial expertise? Only those who have financial background can give you an accurate translation of the financial terms.
• Want the translation done in Macromedia Flash format? If yes, is the English to Tagalog translation company capable of supporting this format?
• What do the former clients of the translator have to say about their experience of using their services? Get these details by talking to the old clients who have already availed of the translation services from the company.

Use these pointers when choosing a suitable English to Tagalog translator and save yourself from trouble in future.

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