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           31 October, 2020

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Ben 10 Birthday Party Ideas

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2009-01-29 03:02:17     
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During a summer camping trip, Ben Tennyson finds an alien pod on the ground. Upon examination he finds a mysterious, watch-like device, called the Omnitrix, stored inside. The device attaches permanently to his wrist and gives him the ability to transform into a variety of alien life-forms, each with their own unique powers. Although Ben realizes that he has a responsibility to help others with these new abilities, he is not above a little super powered mischief now and then. With the popularity of this series, this is guaranteed to be on your child's Birthday Party wish list!

Decorations: Use the Ben 10 licensed party supplies and decorations. For cost savings substitute and add a lot of lime green and black decorations like tablecovers, streamers and helium filled balloons. Make a Ben 10 character wall. Download images of the Ben 10 aliens and enlarge them as much as possible. Type out each alien's bio - their strengths and weaknesses etc. Choose a focal wall and display your aliens. This will be quite a conversation piece and will definitely add to the Ben 10 decor.
Crafts/Activities: Everyone knows that Ben's Omnitrix watch was found at an alien crash site. So why not have your guests build an alien spacecraft. Divide the guests into groups of 3 or 4 and provide them with a table space filled with tinfoil plates, string, toilet paper rolls, construction paper, clay, pipe cleaners, scissors and glue. Put 15 minutes on the clock. Have creative titles to award each creation like 'The Wackiest' or 'The Most Realistic.' That way everyone's a winner! "The Alien in the Lineup" - Download pictures of Ben 10 Aliens and keep them hidden from the kids until game time. Break the kids up into different groups of 3 or 4. Give each group a pencil and paper and have them write down every detail they remember about the alien's appearance. Allow them 1 minute to examine the picture and 3 minutes to write down the details down. Show the picture of the alien again and see which group came up withe the most accurate details. The group with the best description wins that round.
Games: "Four arms Relay" - You will need two very large, oversized T-shirts -one for each team to wear. On each T-shirt, cut two additional holes just beneath the real arm holes. Children will need to pair up for this event. Both children fit into one T-shirt, with heads through the neck (cut away a portion of the neck if necessary to make this possible.) Have one child extend his arms through the real sleeves, while the second child makes use of the arm holes you've cut. Now each T-shirt has four arms. Do an old fashioned spoon race. Give each pair a spoon with an asteroid rock (small balloon, ping pong etc) perched on top of the spoon and have them walk from one end the room to the other without dropping. If they drop, they must pick up the object and start again. Have each team go one at a time to avoid collisions and time it with a stopwatch. The best time wins. Have your camera ready because this is going to be Hilarious! Jello Eating Contest - Of course you will call it an Alien Slime eating contest! Make the gloppiest, grossest green jello filled with raisins and have the kids race to eat their bowl up first. The twist is to have them blindfolded with their hands behind their backs! Don't tell them whats on the Menu - just tell them its alien slime! Ben 10 meets Fear Factor! The winner of this contest should really win a prize! They earned it!
Loot Bags: The possibilities are endless here. You can use a few Ben 10 licensed party favors and then throw in some space or alien related items. Pretty much anything that glows, looks alienish or is gooey! Use glow sticks and necklaces, super bounce balls, pop rocks candy, martian matter slime, green play dough, plastic glow in the dark stars , green licorish string and silly putty eggs. Hit up your local dollar store and have some fun!
Menu: Extraterrestrial Tacos. Tacos with a twist! Have an array of soft tacos, hard tacos, beef or chicken, lettuce, tomato and cheese available for the hungry little monsters to build their own tacos. The twist? Add a few bowls of 'Out of this World' taco ingredients like gummy worms and green candy sprinkles! If your child is not a fan of tacos, what about Paranormal Pizzas. The same idea - have all the regular ingredients like sauce, cheese and pepperoni. Also have a few "extras" available to make their very own 'Out of this World' pizza! The drink can be "Alien Juice" which is simply green koolaid with black ice cubes. Dye your water black with food colouring and freeze in trays overnight. Another neat drink is "Martian Milkshakes" which are simply vanilla milkshakes dyes green with a little food colouring. The cake can be made with bright green icing and some Ben 10 figures. Another option is a round cake decorated to look like the face of the Omnitrix watch. With some coloured icing and an icing pipe, this can be done quite easily! If I can do it, anyone can! Go for it!
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http://www.partycanada.blogspot.com -more ideas!

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