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           21 January, 2021

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UKS leading Spring Manufacturing Company Announces Its Resilience to The Current Economic Climate

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2009-01-11 04:29:45     
Gerard O'Shaughnessy

Airedale Springs, the UKs leading Spring Manufacturing company, www.airedalesprings.co.uk would like to announce to its current and potential customers its resilience to the current economic climate.

In these difficult times Airedale are in a strong position to "weather the storm", with over 350 active accounts spread across a wide variety of industries. Airedale are not dependent on any one sector or industry., with customers ranging across General Engineering, Electrical Switchgear, Instrumentation, Lighting, Domestic appliances, Electronics, Valves and Regulators, Medical Equipment, Aerospace and many other areas.

Airedale are always available to help with design and development work and are able to respond quickly to changes in demands and requirements, with a highly skilled and flexible work force they endeavour to meet any requirements asked of them, including fast turn around of orders, modifications and sampling or prototype work.

Airedale can produce Helical Compression, Extension, Torsion, Double Torsion and Conical Compression springs. Garter Springs, Hose Springs, Wire rings and circlips, Wire forms, Flat springs and pressings, clock springs, shutter springs and many "Special Springs". Our CNC production equipment is both fast and versatile and our highly skilled setters ensure we get the most from the machines capabilities.
About Airedale Springs.

Established in 1945 Airedale Springs Ltd. is a traditional family business which has gained a World-Wide reputation for up to the minute expertise, utilising the latest technology in the production of quality springs.

For more information please contact:
Roy Veervald - Marketing IT Director.
Airedale Springs.
Tel 0044 (0) 1535 643456.

URL: http://www.airedalesprings.co.uk
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