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           24 November, 2020

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Sanctions Undermine Peace Process and Compounds the Suffering of Sudanese

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2008-11-02 03:12:18     
Embassy of Sudan

The following is being released by the Embassy of Sudan:

The Government of Sudan is disappointed and deeply regrets the decision made by the White House in an executive order issued on October 30, 2008, that renews and enables the perpetuation of the unjustified sanctions long imposed on Sudan. The chief reason for the imposition as declared by the executive order remains that of the security issues surrounding Darfur and its possible ramifications for the "national security and foreign policy of the United States", a statement that directly contradicts the praise issued by the State Department in its last "Country Reports on Terrorism" attesting to the contrary when it affirmed Sudan's boundless support and cooperation in the U.S. war on terrorism, stating that "The Sudanese government is a strong partner in the war on terror." It is unfortunate that despite tremendous progress made by Sudan to stem the crisis at its own initiative and through the unreserved cooperation with the UN and other regional organizations, despite the numerous fruitful efforts exerted to bring about peace across the country and in the region as documented by the recent UN Secretary General's report to the Security Council, that still such a detrimental policy should be maintained.

Sudan has been steadfast in its pursuit for solutions to the outstanding issues facing the country. It is known that in addition to a number of things, Sudan has met its obligations with regards to facilitating the full deployment of the hybrid force and to provide unrestricted access to the invaluable humanitarian work. The "Sudan people's initiative" currently underway in the country also attests to this fact. It is yet another attempt, preceded by many others, to facilitate and bring about the speedy resolution. It is promptly to be followed by the "Qatar Initiative," one that will build on the foundations laid by the former to craft a sustainable solution. Sudan has also been unmatched in its cooperation with the international community so as to address common concerns and for the realization of mutual goals.

To frivolously maintain sanctions is to undermine progress and indeed obstruct the positive efforts thus far made by the Sudanese and furthermore sends the wrong signal to and rewards the rebels for their crimes. The recent killing of the Chinese workers is a case in point, one that went un-condemned by the administration. Sanctions only work to compound the suffering of the already overburdened Sudanese population. The interests of the two countries are best served through earnest cooperation, as exemplified in previous cases. Sudan will continue to work for the realization of this objective and remains undeterred in its quest to work to eliminate the salient issues within its territory.

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