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           05 July, 2020

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Dual Quad-Core AMD Opteron Performance and 10 Gigabit Throughput for AdvancedTCA

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2008-10-21 05:43:00     
Diversified Technology, Inc.

AdvancedTCA Summit -- Diversified Technology, Inc. (DTI) announces the introduction of the ATC6239, a quad-core AMD Opteron(TM) processor-based Node Board designed for the next generation of telecom applications. The board is a PICMG(R) 3.0 compliant processor blade that combines low price with high performance for wireless access/edge, telecom fiber transport, media gateways, soft switches, and Internet IP-based applications.

"DTI's ATC6239 is a follow-up to our dual-core offering and it offers an increased performance for high-end applications utilizing the AdvancedTCA form factor. The AMD architecture of the blade provides freedom for our customer's programs to use a truly unique, hardware-based innovation through the additional use of FPGAs connected to the node application processor," stated Joe McDevitt, DTI's Chief Technology Officer. "Through this and ATC6239's 10 Gigabit Ethernet and RTM Support, the blade gives unprecedented flexibility for ATCA applications for today and in the future."

About the ATC6239

The ATC6239 is Diversified Technology's AMD Opteron(TM) Socket F (1207) processor-based Node Board designed for the next generation of telecom equipment markets. The board is a PICMG(R) 3.0 compliant processor board that combines low price with high performance for wireless access/edge, telecom fiber transport, media gateways, soft switches, and Internet IP-based applications.

DTI's ATC6239 is equipped with dual AMD Opteron(TM) Socket F (1207) 1.8GHz quad-core processors, each with 2MB L2 cache (1MB per core) and support for up to 16GB of memory. It utilizes a high I/O bandwidth (HyperTransport link interface) Broadcom HT2100 and HT1000 server-class chipset.

I/O peripherals located on-board are a 10/100/1000Mbits/sec auto-negotiating with dual port ethernet controller for the Base interface, a 10G dual port ethernet controller for the Fabric interface, a 10/100/1000Mbits/sec autonegotiating with dual port ethernet controller for one front panel interface, one AMC site for user configuration (the Fabric is x4 PCI-Express, Common Options Region supports a SATA drive port), and other peripherals designed for high-performance Telco needs.

The board fully supports the AdvancedTCA concept of separate data and control plane traffic when paired with DTI's ATCA switch boards. The ATC6239 is compliant with the ATCA 3.1 specification via Option 9.

The ATC6239 utilizes an AMI(R) Embedded BIOS with boot from USB, HD, CD-ROM, or the network. Console redirection, PnP, and PCI auto configuration are also supported. Operating systems supported include Microsoft(R) Windows Server(TM) 2003, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, SuSE, and Fedora.


Production shipments for the ATC6239 will begin Q4 of 2008.

About Diversified Technology, Inc.

Diversified Technology, Inc. (DTI) is an embedded hardware company whose strength lies in the cohesive approach we use with our customers. This cohesive approach means DTI works hand-in-hand with companies to ensure they are getting the best performance, highest reliability, shortest time-to-market and the most efficient use of computing hardware for their program's embedded application. DTI, an Ergon Company, was founded in 1971 and has a history of design experience with standardized form factors such as AdvancedTCA, CompactPCI, PCI, ETX and COM Express. (http://www.diversifiedtechnology.com)

Specialized in: Dti - Single Board Computer - Embedded Computer - Compactpci - Cpci - Etx - Module - Pci - Advancedtca - Atca - Xeon - Blade - Board - Switch - Hub - Dual - Modular - Platform - Chassis - System - Rackmount - Shelf - Unit - Communication
URL: http://www.dtims.com
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