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           14 May, 2021

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New Self-Help Book on Anxiety Teaches How to Beat Procrastination, Social Anxiety, Perfectionism, and Worry in the Workplace

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2006-08-23 04:17:55     

Announcing the first book written specifically about anxiety in the workplace, Anxious 9 to 5: How to Beat Worry, Stop Second Guessing Yourself, and Work with Confidence (New Harbinger, 2006). Most people don't know that anxiety and stress are different and anxiety reduction strategies are actually the opposite of stress management. Author Dr. Larina Kase, president of Performance & Success Coaching, takes readers step-by-step through the process of overcoming worries and problems at work including self doubt, perfectionism and procrastination, social anxiety, the fear of public speaking, workaholic behaviors, and nervousness about being a new leader. Dr. Kase, a business psychologist who has been featured in The New York Times, Entrepreneur Magazine, and The Chicago Tribune says, “Every day people suffer in silence, worried about performing well on the job. They lose sleep, miss out on opportunities to advance their careers, and wonder what’s wrong with them that they’re always on edge. Everyone -- from entrepreneurs to executives to student interns -- experiences worry from time to time in their jobs.” According to the Anxiety Disorders Association of America, 40 million adult Americans have an anxiety disorder. Anxious 9 to 5 is also written for the millions of people who experience normal levels of nervousness about talking with their boss, giving a presentation, or being in a new work role. “The most effective way to overcome fear,” Dr. Kase says, “is to experience it. I know this sounds weird, but you need to learn that you can handle it. You must get practice speaking with your challenging boss, giving presentations, and gaining self-confidence as a new leader in your field.” Kase explains how stress and anxiety are different, "The way to deal with stress is to get rid of it. Learning assertiveness, delegation, and time management skills are helpful ways to reduce stress. The way to reduce fear is the opposite -- it's to experience it, use it to your advantage, and learn that your feared consequence is unlikely to come true. And even if your fear did come true, you'd learn that you can handle it." The text is a useful supplement to anxiety disorder treatment, especially cognitive behavioral therapy, and a self-help book people can work through on their own. Kase shows readers how to understand the difference between stress and anxiety, spot anxiety symptoms, and learn how to have confidence, poise, and enjoyment in their professional careers.

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URL: http://www.anxious9to5.com
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