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           23 September, 2023

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2008-02-12 03:42:59     
Gregory H Bey.

Gregory H Bey, a legally blind mail order expert, has self published his own book titled: "How To Build A Profitable Home Business Creating And Selling Your Own Information Products."

Do you think it's too difficult to create your own information product? Gregory H Bey proves you're wrong. He shows how it can be done with simple instructions so easy that even a blind man can do it. And Greg should know - because he himself is blind.

Bey only mentions his blindness to demonstrate that just about anyone, who has a sincere desire, can produce their own information product. He shows how it can be done on a shoestring budget. And explains how you can have experts do most of the work and research for you. His self-published book is called, "How To Build A Profitable Home Business Creating And Selling Your Own Information Products."

This book is based on Greg's experience producing his own information products and running a home business. He firmly believes a business reflects the character of the person who runs it. Bey first shares from experience six attitudes that are sure to ruin a mail order or information publishing business. On the positive side he gives six personal characteristics that will make a business thrive.

Mr. Bey then begins to outline a step-by-step strategy for producing low budget info products for niche markets. He shows how to find a hungry niche market with people who will gladly pay for the information you provide. Then he details the actual process of researching and writing the information product. Finally, Bey gives tips on low cost ways to market and sell your product.

Over the years Mr. Bey has had dozens of his business related articles published on the web and numerous mail order publications. Greg is currently offering a FREE advisory service to any one who purchases his book and needs help starting their own project. A toll free number is provided to contact Mr. Bey for advice or to get questions answered. A copy of this one-of-a-kind e-book can be downloaded for $12.00 using the following link:


Or to receive a hard copy just send $12.00 to:

Day-Star Communications
7023 Hermitage St
Pittsburgh PA 15208

Specialized in: Practical Step-by-step Process - Creating Winning - Products
URL: http://go2-url.com
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