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           12 July, 2024

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BackgammonMasters Incorporates Signature Link's Verification System

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2008-01-31 04:40:28     
JD Lucky Skill Ltd

BackgammonMasters online game operator, (21 Blackjack, Poker, Perudo and Backgammon) has successfully completed its pilot for implementation of signature verification in order to verify members for VIP status on their site. Backgammonmasters.com has embedded the new patent pending Signature Link technology into its sign-up system so that players can now use mouse movements to enter their signature online by simply moving his/her mouse on the special applet.

Until today, this technology was being used mainly by banks and department stores where the end user has to be physically present to sign using a special add-on component. Now, as implemented by BackgammonMasters, the technology allows for the user to sign terms and conditions remotely through his/her own computer at home instead of just blindly checking an "I Agree" box.

Many users wishing to join the BackgammonMasters attractive VIP program may find the old paperwork process a bit tedious. This was also true for the business side. But now, the newly embedded Signature Link technology allows for a central unit to organize all of the signatures in one place and makes life easier for the user and for the company. As a BackgammonMasters spokesperson said, "With our huge increase in traffic from players around the world we are now processing many VIP applications each day. The Signature Link technology will help both the players and the management team to provide faster and better service. The technology at first will be used to serve the VIP players and in the second phase will be used for the normal transactions. We first have to check the technology and the feedback of our users before adding this to our cashier, but we will take this step by step."

The company also explained that having a signature attached to certain transactions or documents not only protects the company but is of a great benefit to players as well. VIP members can reap large rewards as opposed to an unidentified player. Now, unidentified players who wishing to make large transactions in the cashier will be able once they electronically sign and agree to BackgammonMasters terms and conditions statement. This procedure is done via web and email and is fully automated.

This latest development is yet another step in BackgammonMasters effort to maintain a high standard with an innovative approach and continually strive to develop and upgrade their monitoring and control systems.

Further information about http://www.BackgammonMasters.com signature link's verification system implementation and the revamped Blackjack Software can be found at: http://www.BackgammonMasters.com/blackjack.html

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