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           02 March, 2021

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Milk Does a Body and a Waistline Good

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2008-01-05 06:25:35     
Loyola Marymount University

If your New Year's resolution is to lose weight, calcium and dairy can help, according to new research by Loyola Marymount University Professor of Natural Science Hawley Almstedt and her student Alexandra Hybki. The everyday nutrients found in milk may be the key to helping you size down this year.

People on fad diets or extreme weight loss plans often avoid dairy products because they believe those foods are high in fat. Some dieters go so far as to completely stop consuming dairy products. Research indicates that not only will those dieters not lose weight, but even more importantly, the lack of calcium and dairy will have a harmful impact on bone material density, according to Hybki and Almstedt.

The study also found most Americans do not consume their daily recommended amounts of calcium, especially when dieting. In all age groups, men typically consume more calcium than women. Men ages 20-39 average more than the daily intake, while only 80 percent of women in the same age range meet the recommended amount. Women between 40-59 years of age reach only 62 percent of the recommended calcium intake, whereas men in this age group reach 81 percent. It is critical people consume the appropriate amount of calcium, which plays a major role in helping build and maintain bone density, thereby reducing the risk of osteoporosis.

Increasing dietary calcium with dairy products that are nonfat or low in fat, while decreasing caloric intake can help you lose weight. People who are lactose-intolerant or allergic to dairy products should focus on maintaining healthy calcium intake while trying to lose weight. If dieters get enough calcium, they will lose more weight and have stronger bones, leading to a healthier physique, overall.

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Located between the Pacific Ocean and downtown Los Angeles, Loyola Marymount University is a comprehensive university offering a variety of undergraduate and graduate degrees. Founded in 1911, LMU is the largest Catholic institution of higher education in Southern California with nearly 5,500 undergraduate students and more than 3,000 graduate and law students. Students can choose from more than 80 majors and programs in four colleges, two schools and Loyola Law School. The university emphasizes the Jesuit and Marymount traditions: education of the whole person -- mind, body and spirit -- as well as ethics and social justice. For more LMU news and events, please visit http://www.lmu.edu/news.

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