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           01 June, 2023

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'Jena Six' Incident is the Latest Manifestation of a Society Condemned to Racial Conflict

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2007-09-30 11:24:10     
Teaching Self-Mastery

The racially fueled incident that brought to life the so-called "Jena Six" began with the seemingly innocuous act of African-American students sitting under a "white tree" on the grounds of Louisiana's Jena High School -- a tree that was considered by white students to be an area "belonging" exclusively to whites. According to Ottawa self-mastery expert Patricia Wall, who specializes in exploring the root causes of behavior, racial conflict and violence are inevitable in society -- unless leaders address the deep-seated causes of the conflicts.

"For the primitive, subconscious mind that governs our behavior, it wasn't just a tree at Jena High School that was at stake, it was territory -- and the subconscious minds of the white youths that sought to protect that territory viewed the African-American students who also wanted to sit under that same tree as 'invaders' who were a threat to their very existence." Wall said. Predictably, the white students lashed out to protect their territory and the African Americans responded in kind. This "protector versus invader" scenario has been going on for centuries, in one form or another -- and will continue for decades to come until society deals with the primal brain programs that cause the behavior, Wall added.

It's hard to imagine how such primitive programming of the subconscious mind can influence emotion and behavior in an ultra-modern era where teenagers are typing on laptops and listening to ipods, but the extreme actions and reactions in Jena are a clear demonstration of both the power of the subconscious mind and the ruthlessness of primitive survival instincts. According to Wall, the violence and the wider conflict that took place in Jena along racial lines were inevitable -- when one considers how the brain's subconscious programming works and how far back it stems.

"Back in the cave, territory meant hunting grounds, and therefore, survival. It was that basic," Wall explained. "Another tribe or group encroaching on your territory could mean loss of resources that endangered the whole tribe, threatening the survival of women and children. The territory had to be protected at all costs."

An entire body of literature has been devoted to the phenomenon of males being programmed to protect and provide -- and territory is crucial to both of these traditionally male functions. The moment encroachment occurred, in this case, African-American students sitting under the "white tree," the collective primitive brain kicked in, flooding the students' bodies with aggressive testosterone and "stand and fight" adrenaline. This is not a rational reaction; it is a primitive instinct that overrides normal behavior.

"The first response to threat is to mark territory," Wall said. "Animals use various means to accomplish this task. Not unexpectedly, humans turn to weapons to protect their territories -- displaying in full view those weapons that will instill the most fear in their potential 'invaders.'

Genetic imprinting ensures that African-American students would react to the nooses the same way they would to Uzi machine guns. In fact, I am certain the nooses were worse than machine guns. Machine guns don't have generations of terror reactions associated at the primitive-brain level. Nooses do. It's all about the emotional response," Wall concluded.

What hope do we have to become a society free of racial conflict and violence when such primitive programming flares up with terrifying regularity? Conflict is not only feared, it's expected -- because even if relatively few people know about primitive-brain programming, they've seen the results in action countless times without being aware of it.

According to Wall, there is still hope for society. "When negotiators and leaders who have influence over their groups, or tribes, come to understand the nature of the forces they are dealing with, real change can happen," said Wall. The biggest challenges society faces are the effects of history, which combine to form a powder keg of genetic imprinting that flares with the slightest provocation. We can't clean the slate, or arrive at reasonable resolutions, until that powder keg is disarmed and people are freed from the floods of emotional chemistry that turn rational citizens into angry combatants, Wall added.

Self-mastery expert Patricia Wall will share her wisdom and teachings at two upcoming workshops in Toronto on October 12th-14th and another November 24th-25th relating to re-programming the primitive subconscious mind to resolve a raft of everyday challenges from weight loss to improving relationships and intimacy. She is also immediately available for print, TV and radio interviews. For info, please visit, http://www.teachingselfmastery.com.

Patricia Wall has taught self-mastery for more than a decade in Ottawa, Ontario. She specializes in exploring the root causes of human behavior and teaches people to change or re-program those root causes to improve their quality of life on a variety of levels. Wall has published dozens of articles on the subject of self-mastery and has a private practice in Ottawa to help people permanently change their lives for the better. Originally a software developer and international project leader for a high-tech firm, Wall credits her background in R&D and the logic of computers for her revolutionary use of ancient wisdom Wall will conduct a two-day relationship-oriented workshop, "Renovate or Relocate," in Toronto on October 13th-14th. On November 24th- 25th, also in Toronto, she will teach "Naturally Slim," a two-day course designed to help people permanently lose weight. For more information, visit http://www.patriciawall.com.

Specialized in: Teaching Self-mastery - Take The Lid Off Your Life - Escape Your Limitations - Renovate Your Relationship - Patricia Wall - Transformation
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