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           22 September, 2023

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Every 7 Minutes an American is Telling the FCC to Approve M2Z

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2007-09-02 08:27:19     
M2Z Networks

M2Z Networks (M2Z) today announced that in just the past 15 working days over 1,000 individuals from forty-nine states have written to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) supporting M2Z's pending application to deliver free and family-friendly wireless broadband to all American consumers. In total, over 8,000 letters have been sent to the Commissioners of the FCC and Members of Congress, including 84 percent of the House Representatives and 98 percent of the Senate. These letters of support are in response to a draft order circulated by FCC Chairman Martin on August 10th seeking to deny M2Z's application.

These individual advocates join an existing broad base of national grassroots support. A petition signed by over 50,000 Americans urging the FCC to approve M2Z's application is already in the record. Additionally, M2Z has the support of hundreds of local, state and federal elected officials as well as a wide range of leading advocacy groups on issues concerning the digital divide, family values, economic development and national competitiveness.

"We are proposing to deliver a new and innovative service to Americans who all deserve free and family-friendly broadband access. We've asked the FCC to decide whether such a service is in the public interest. Especially in light of the Chairman's current leaning, we believe that the extensive public record, including this recent outpouring of public support, speaks for itself," said John Muleta, CEO of M2Z Networks. "Even through these dog days of summer, the public is still watching. Every 7 minutes someone is telling the FCC to act in the public interest."

Selected Quotes from Citizen Support Letters:

"Spectrum is a public resource. The FCC works for the people and should listen to us and what we have to say." -- Karen Powell, Apache Junction, AZ

"Access to the 'information superhighway' should be available to all in our society, not just the wealthy." -- Susan Raybuck, Wimberley, TX.

"Do you have any idea of how much valuable time is wasted by everyone who is required to use dial-up? There is so much more to life than waiting for a slow download." -- Evelyn Finch, Alamo, TN

"I am a single parent and live in an area where we don't have much selection in servers/prices. We are simply stuck with what's available paying as much as 3x's competitor's prices. I definitely feel there should be an alternative." -- Laura Johnson, Monrovia, IN

"I moved from West Knoxville to New Market, TN and to my dismay, cannot have broadband service or cable. I am forced to use dial up, which is excruciatingly slow, if it works at all. Please help!!" -- Norma Markham, New Market, TN

"My family and 3 other families live 1/2 mile from a main cable line, but we have repeatedly been denied cable service, thus no access to broadband. We also are without DSL telephone lines. When AT&T took over Ameritech several years ago, I was told by a company representative that we would have DSL phone lines by the end of the year. He failed to tell me just what year that was." -- Linda Moses, Springfield, IL

"Cable and phone charge high premiums for tiered levels of broadband speed and service and never deliver on their promised, advertised, and guaranteed speeds. This has so far gone unchecked with no real competition. This competition would make the internet better everywhere for everyone." -- George Taylor, Fredericksburg, VA

"Please support M2Z today. Most of NC, with the exception of the largest metropolitan areas have no say in who their provider will be so they have to pay exorbitant prices or not have broadband." -- Leeland Webster, North Wilkesboro, NC

"As a parent I have witnessed the value of the internet at many levels. Without home access to the internet my children would be at an academic disadvantage. Please support M2Z today." -- Matt Maloney, Evergreen Park, IL

These letters were individually addressed to the five Commissioners of the FCC, the author's representatives in Congress, and M2Z. The letters are then entered into the public record at the FCC.


M2Z Networks currently has an application before the FCC to lease 20MHz of fallow spectrum to build a nationwide network to offer fast, free and family friendly broadband to 95 percent of the U.S. population within ten years. The service will be supported by locally targeted search results and will include a network-level filter to shield children using the service from indecent content. If licensed, M2Z would pay the U.S. Treasury 5 percent of annual gross revenues from its premium subscription services, which could total payments of up to $1 billion over 15 years. The introduction of M2Z's broadband service would generate $18 to $32 billion in direct consumer benefits over the next 15 years according to two uncontested economic studies.

About M2Z Networks:

Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Menlo Park, Calif., M2Z Networks' goal is to transform the current state of the broadband marketplace by building a high-speed wireless network throughout the United States. In May 2006, the company submitted a license application to the FCC to construct and operate a nationwide broadband wireless network in the 2155-2175 MHz spectrum band. Approval of the application would guarantee delivery of free, fast and family-friendly wireless broadband service to at least 95 percent of Americans in a 10 year timeframe. M2Z is backed by Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield and Byers; Charles River Ventures; and Redpoint Ventures; three of the most successful venture capital firms in Silicon Valley with $5 billion of capital under management. For more information, please visit http://www.M2Znetworks.com and http://www.FreeBroadbandNow.org.

CONTACT: Cameron McAlpine
M2Z Networks
(703) 589-5465

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URL: http://www.m2znetworks.com
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