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           14 May, 2021

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Ascent Scientific Launches First Commercial Source of NR2C / NR2D NMDA Antagonist cis-PPDA - To Help Research Into Learning and Memory

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2006-07-20 04:56:55     

Ascent Scientific announced the addition of cis-PPDA, an NR2C / NR2D NMDA receptor antagonist, to the Low-Cost Ligand™ range. This chemical tool may aid research into learning and memory, and a variety of disorders including epilepsy and stroke. cis-PPDA selectively blocks proteins in the brain called NMDA receptors, and has a preference for certain subtypes of these receptors – NR2C and 2D receptors. Steve Roome PhD, Commercial Director commented, "We are pleased to be the first life science supplier to make this exciting research tool commercially available to the scientific community. It is the latest in a long line of exciting additions to the Low-Cost Ligand™ range, which includes essential research tools such as D-AP5, and MK801. All of these tools are offered at very high purity, and of course, in keeping with our vision to make research tools affordable for as many researchers as possible – at a very low price." About Ascent Scientific Ascent Scientific provides high quality receptor ligands, synthetic chemistry, research, consultancy and analytical services for life science, pharmaceutical and chemistry-related industries. The Low-Cost Ligand range includes: ? cis-PPDA: NR2C/NR2D-preferring NMDA antagonist ? AMN082: the first selective mGlu7 agonist ? L-AP4: selective group III mGlu agonist ? (S)-3,5-DHPG: Selective group 1 mGlu agonist ? MPEP: mGlu5 selective antagonist ? D-AP5: Potent selective NMDA antagonist ? Tetrodotoxin: Na+ channel blocker

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