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           22 October, 2020

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World's First Forensic Probe of Remote Computer Using Mobile Phone

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2007-07-19 10:22:52     
Evidence Talks Ltd.

Scores of high-tech
crime police witnessed a 'world first' when forensic computing experts
Evidence Talks carried out an examination of a remote computer using a
mobile phone.
Managing director Andrew Sheldon successfully took a forensic copy of
the hard drive, performed keyword searches and forensically browsed the
computer - 70 miles away - in front of delegates at the UK National Police
Improvement Agency's annual e-crime conference.
This technological breakthrough has huge implications for the security
services in their battle to protect the public from terrorism, organised
crime and paedophiles. For example, computers seized by foreign police
forces following the Glasgow car bomb attack could have been examined
within minutes by British police stationed in London.
Mr Sheldon was demonstrating his company's patented Remote Forensics
solution to an audience of intelligence experts, including senior security
advisors and forensics analysts.
A unique combination of hardware and software architecture, Remote
Forensics allows enforcement agencies, businesses and organisations with
multiple geographically-separated sites to react instantly in the event of
a 'digital incident'.
Any digital media - hard drives, DVDs, memory sticks and the like - can
be 'imaged' (copied) and forensically examined in real-time from anywhere
in the world where there is a network connection, including wireless or 3G
mobile phone.
An expert with a laptop computer or mobile phone sat on a beach in
Australia could carry out an investigation in New York without leaving his
Remote Forensics features FIMS (Forensic Incident Management Service),
a sophisticated and secure web-based application which handles the
investigation from start to finish. No data travels over the internet, so
the process is totally secure at all times. And the system works at the
speed of the machine being analysed.
Mr Sheldon commented: "Enforcement agency experts could immediately see
the benefits of using joined-up intelligence gathering using Remote
Forensics. It gives the ability to respond immediately to intelligence
discovered on systems during a multi-point raid.
"By deploying Remote Forensics across the intelligence community, when
there is a raid in multiple geographical locations all the intelligence
gathered is available immediately to intelligence analysts, language
analysts and cryptoanalysts in a central location without having to split
that team."
High resolution photography available on request.
Evidence Talks is headquartered in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

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