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           03 April, 2020

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Do Self-Help Books Really Work? Or Are They Simply Just New-Age Mumbo-Jumbo?

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2006-07-15 03:41:28     

Do self-help books really work? Or are they simply just new-age mumbo-jumbo? Chasing down your dreams isn’t easy, but The Science Of Getting Rich changes the way you look at yourself, and shows you how to leave self-sabotage and scarcity behind you, letting you step into the world of success and abundance instead. Because the truth is, you really do deserve these things. "Once-in-a-while they do," at least according to author and direct-marketing consultant Craig Garber, who credits a book written way back in 1911 -- long before they ever coined the phrase "self-help" -- with turning his life around and helping him overcome his fear of success. " The Science Of Getting Rich ," originally penned by Wallace Wattles, since revised and now published by Garber himself .com/getrich uncovers scientific proof why any man or woman can get rich, regardless of what your circumstances are. "The reason why so may people have problems with money, and ultimately either sabotage their success, or simply never get to live out all their hopes, dreams, and fantasies, is usually because of some negative messages you heard from your parents or other authority figures, that start playing in the back of your head like some kind of a broken tape recorder, usually when you can least afford to hear them. But once you understand that your past really doesn’t have anything to do with your future, unless you let it, and why you really are supposed to succeed, you suddenly start seeing yourself and the world around you in a different light." Garber, who grew up in a house filled with "violence and chaos," and who now coaches and mentors others to become successful, went financially bankrupt in 1997, the result of a custody battle over his sons (which he lost), and was emotionally devastated for years afterwards. Today, he is a successful entrepreneur and one of the country’s most highly-paid freelance direct-response copywriters, and is finally living out his own fantasies, on a beautiful sprawling lake home outside of Tampa, Florida with his wife and their three children (including the 2 sons he lost custody of back in 1997). Nowadays, you’ll often see him bass-fishing out on his lake -- a stark contrast to the harsh upbringing he had in an apartment housing project in The Bronx. "Chasing down your dreams isn’t easy, but The Science Of Getting Rich changes the way you look at yourself, and shows you how to leave self-sabotage and scarcity behind you, letting you step into the world of success and abundance instead. Because the truth is, you really do deserve these things."

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