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           16 May, 2021

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Researchers Confirm Magnet Therapy Speeds Healing for Man With Crushed, Splintered Legs

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2006-07-11 04:43:58     

When asked about the rapid healing of his crushed knees and splintered legs from a head-on car accident, 72 year old Tom Weber explained, "The doctors couldn’t believe how fast they healed. My physical therapist marveled when I walked normally in two and half months instead of ten. Our cellular electrical tests show that the magnet therapies supplement the cell’s energy which increases their metabolic functions. Many times, when the metabolism is supported, there are outstanding and startling results. "Fortunately, from past studies with the Institute, I knew that the magnets must be placed on the front of one leg and the back of the other. After the operation, the doctors told me that I would have arthritis in my legs the rest of my life. I have none at all and I never had to take any pain-killers." Researcher Peter Kulish, founder & director of the BioPhysics Research Institute states: "The results of these biomagnetic applications are not typical of common magnet therapy. The body’s neural-bio/chemical electrical system is very complex and although the Institute’s specialized protocols are simple to use, it has taken years to develop therapies that address these acute conditions in a consistently beneficial fashion." A number of years ago, an MD reported, "It’s no joke playing mother to an adopted nine-year old boy who is an epileptic. Imagine seeing him suffer grand mal seizures every now and then… despite medications three times a day." The Doctor explains the results since her son had been on the Institute’s specific Daytime and Nighttime modalities, "I’d say [the results are quite satisfactory because his intake of medications has been reduced to once a day and he hasn’t suffered an attack since." Kulish Reports; "Our cellular electrical tests show that the magnet therapies supplement the cell’s energy which increases their metabolic functions. Many times, when the metabolism is supported, there are outstanding and startling results." Marion, a middle aged woman, had been afflicted and semi-immobilized for 25 years from Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Lyme Disease. Within the first hour of therapy, her cellular voltage increased for the first time in many years. Before Marion used the Institute’s advanced CVS, Meridian Energizing, Daytime, Nighttime and Energized Water Therapies, her hormone and adrenal functions tested in the very low, ill range. After applying the therapies for several months, she tested within the normal range. Marion remarked during last week’s International Health Forum, "Needless to say, I’d become very worn down and despairing from the years of illness and disability. The Institute therapies have been life-changing for me. I continue to have great success with the magnets for lower back and knee pain. I can now play competitive tennis again – something I thought I would never be able to do again; thanks to the magnets on my knee. This knee has had a couple surgeries and without the magnets, I have disabling pain. Thank you to the Institute’s professionals for giving me my life back!" Peter Kulish further explains; "We have spent years stringently identifying how the body’s neural-electrical pathways work. Based on these findings, we have devised a number of specific protocols to properly raise the electrical vitality at the cellular level for each system which, when used in concert, supports rapid natural healing. "I have been very concerned about the general lack of knowledge with the use of magnet therapy. Throughout the years, I have seen so many types of biomagnets applied with no regard or understanding of the body’s neural-bio/chemical electrical system. The results have been fragmentary at best. Sometimes, people accidentally put them on correctly (the correct pole facing the correct polarity) and get wonderful results. It is our mission to make sure everyone knows how to use magnets correctly at all times. Testimonial results and case studies are not typical of common magnet therapy; the enclosed shows what is possible with correct magnet placement." Kulish gets animated when he explains about the housekeeper who had Carpel Tunnel, "She couldn’t move her fingers. They were clenched and she was in terrible pain. She told me she was going in for surgery in a few days. I immediately put the proper magnetic fields on each wrist and within three and a half hours, she had full mobility and no pain. She wore them for a month and never did the surgery." "If you review our studies of those who have followed the diagrams and the instructions for our modalities, you will see quite a few startling results. These therapies are not the answer for everything, but we have established some advanced applications that have definitely helped many people."
The Institute’s protocols are used by consumers and practitioners worldwide. Presently, the Institute is preparing a White Paper summarizing recent research which will be submitted shortly. In addition, the Institute provides a weekly public International Health Forum in which everyone is invited to call in and discuss the science and applications of Biomagnetism.

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