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           16 May, 2021

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The Lazy Person’s Home Business

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2006-07-09 00:51:41     
PAS ( prosperity automated system )

The seas have parted for Direct Marketers, Home-Based Business , and Aspiring Entrepreneurs in the Wake of Economic Change A completely 100% automated home based business where the company, P.A.S., does literally everything. There are no calls to make, no e-mails to send, no selling, zero telling, no chasing family or friends. The prosperity automated system, a revolutionary computer based home business redefines every aspect of what a home based business is and what it should be. With the recent changes in the US economy there are now, more than ever, people looking for a means to supplement or replace there traditional incomes and achieve financial freedom. With downsizing and outsourcing American citizens are looking for alternative income options. The problem most individuals face however, is the general lack of knowledge of how to begin a home based business. Often times having tried other opportunities unsuccessfully people tend to find themselves mislead and left with nothing to show for there efforts. So why is the prosperity automated system network so different? The P.A.S. leaders have eliminated the 3 key factors that cause 99% of new home based businesses to fail. First, the average person dislikes to make cold calls, bother family and friends, or go through lists of lead prospects. For most individuals the mere thought of picking up the phone to talk to strangers will prevent them from ever even getting started in the first place. P.A.S. does 100% of this for its members. Second is time. For individuals who have a traditional job, family, or other income source, there time is consumed with obligations. The profit network does 100% of the marketing for its members as well. Third the vast majority of people have no idea how to sell or close a sale. The Profit Automated Business does 100% of this too, 24/7/365 days a year. Individuals never talk to anyone , ever. The automated prosperity system is unlike any other business in the history of businesses. As Bill Osterhous points out, people love the thought of success but the majority of people have no path or direction to attain that success. They are mislead by companies who promise everything and deliver nothing. There is always a piece of the puzzle left out and it is always the most critical piece.This is where P.A.S. is light years ahead of anything else on the market today. Everyone gets to see the passive automated system as a big complete picture with no surprises. The Prosperity Network does everything for the individual, if one chooses to do nothing then do nothing and P.A.S. pays its members. This business system has been featured on CNN and the Discovery Channel and if fast becoming the premier home based business for anyone who wants everything out of life and prefers to do nothing to get it. The Prosperity Automated System is beyond astounding. Lead prospecting has always been the most difficult part of direct marketing. I found myself spending all my time on the phone and away from my wife and daughter. Where was the free time I wanted to be able to spend with them? Now things have changed in a way that even dreams could not make come true. The automated profit organization markets itself to prospects for me, but, it also markets my other businesses as well, simply astounding! I looked at PAS twice and put it on a shelf thinking that there is no way this could be this good, where was the catch? Here is the thing, there is none. "All I can say is this, to anyone who is extremely serious about making a 6 or even 7 figure income, and never have to worry about money again, then the Profit Automated System is the key to making it happen and quickly" If one has ever pondered what life would be like if money was no longer an object then take a long hard look at P.A.S."

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