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           16 May, 2021

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How to Get the Most from Your Network Monitoring Solution: Knowing What to Monitor

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2007-03-07 04:59:30     
James Dyson

Paessler AG, the network monitoring company, today announced availability of a whitepaper aimed at helping IT managers and system administrators know what to monitor on their networks after they've purchased and installed their monitoring solutions.

"Too often in the field, the natural tendency is for users to quickly move through the set-up process," said Dirk Paessler, CEO of Paessler AG. "Many IT administrators feel that implementation alone is enough to effectively monitor their networks. In reality, a solution is only as good as its monitoring parameters."

The paper, titled "Getting the Most From Your Network Monitoring Solution: Knowing What to Monitor," can be found at http://www.paessler.com/press/whitepapers.

Paessler terms the keys to effective monitoring - a network's vital signs - "the triplets": availability, speed and usage "Everything starts with availability," Paessler said. "Without it, nothing else happens. It's that simple."

Monitoring network traffic is an essential task for any business with an internal network (LAN) or an external network infrastructure like the connection to the Internet and server systems accessible via the Internet.

Bandwidth or traffic monitoring software provides vital information related to network usage as well as various other network parameters like memory and CPU utilization. It provides system administrators with live readings and periodical usage trends of leased lines, routers, firewalls, servers, and many other network devices.

With proper bandwidth monitoring, network administrators can receive bandwidth and network usage data that helps optimize the efficiency of a network. Understanding bandwidth and resource consumption is the key to better network management.

Paessler products were initially developed from the company's own need for simple, cost effective solutions to common problems. This process ensures high-value, high-quality solutions for network administrators. From small businesses to 62% of the Fortune 100 corporations, according to an evaluation (July 2005), companies rely on Paessler products to help monitor their networks.

About Paessler AG
Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Fuerth, Germany, Paessler AG builds cost effective software that is both powerful and easy to use. The product range is specialized on Network Monitoring and Testing as well as Website Analysis. Its products are used by Network Administrators, Website Operators, Internet Service Providers and other IT-Professionals worldwide. Freeware and Free Trial versions of all products can be downloaded from http://www.paessler.com.

Specialized in: Load Testing - Network Performance Management - Network Monitor - Network Monitoring Software - Network Management - Network Performance Testing - Server Monitoring Tools - Website Monitoring - Network Management Tools - Internet Monitoring Software - Ping Test - Paessler - Network Monitoring Tools
URL: http://www.paessler.com
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