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           19 April, 2021

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HPLC Liquid Flow Meter Simplifies Calibration and IQ OQ PQ Validation; New Laboratory Tool Launched

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2007-02-15 05:00:56     
James Dyson

Tovatech LLC announces a new laboratory tool: the FlowCal 5000 Digital Liquid Flow Meter for calibration of HPLC system flow rates. The FlowCal 5000 is accurate, durable, traceable and certified. It's significantly more convenient and reliable than gravimetric or volumetric flow determination.

For chemists, metrologists, and validation specialists the FlowCal 5000 Liquid Flow Meter is indispensable for HPLC calibration and qualification. Using the FlowCal 5000 substantially reduces HPLC pump troubleshooting time. Leaking piston seals or malfunctioning check valves are easily diagnosed. The FlowCal 5000 is designed to speed up and simplify HPLC calibration and validation

Miniaturized to just one third the size and weight of other models, the FlowCal 5000 is the most compact and easy to use unit available. The flow meter measures flows accurately to 1μl/minute with guaranteed linearity from 0.05 to 25.00 ml/min. Flow rate is measured by volume and is independent of the liquid type up to a viscosity of 10 centipoise.

No user calibration is required; the unit is supplied gravimetrically calibrated at 1.0 (+/-1.0%) ml/min. Calibration at multiple points is available. A UKAS traceable calibration certificate is supplied with every flow meter (UKAS is the UK equivalent of NIST). All wetted parts are made of PTFE, PEEK, DAI-EL, PERFLUOR, or Pyrex glass making the liquid flow meter inert to all common HPLC mobile phases. There are no wetted metallic parts.

The FlowCal 5000 simplifies the collection of flow rate data for HPLC calibration, qualification and validation (IQ/OQ/PQ) in FDA-regulated laboratories. Flow rate data can be output to any device with an RS232 interface (eg. printer, terminal or PC). A new miniature thermal printer is available. The printer will print all readings and error messages output from the liquid flow meter. The FlowCal 5000 is supplied with a carrying case with foam inserts, a cleaning kit, rechargeable batteries and a universal mounting kit.

For more information about the FlowCal 5000 Digital Liquid Flow Meter, visit http://www.tovatech.com/liquid_flow_meter.html .

In addition to liquid flow meters, Tovatech supplies the full Elma, Elmasonic ultrasonic cleaner line - from bench top units for laboratory use to large industrial cleaning equipment. In addition Tovatech carries a moisture analyzer line, and Cecil Instruments HPLC and UV Vis Spectrophotometer lines.

About Tovatech LLC

Tovatech LLC is a distributor of laboratory equipment to the US, Canada, and Mexico. Tovatech is staffed entirely by chemists who seek to aid other chemists in selecting the right laboratory equipment for their work.

Specialized in: Liquid Flow Meter - Digital Liquid Flowmeter - Liquid Flowmeters - Flow Meter Calibration - Flow Calibration - Flow Meters For Hplc - Liquid Flow Meters - Hplc Validation - Hplc Calibration - Iq Oq Pq
URL: http://www.tovatech.com
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