Betwala Announces Kevin Pietersen’s Spartan Sorai Rhino Cricket Bat Giveaway!

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Posted: 2019-08-19 10:43:23
India, Asia, August 9, 2019--Betwala Indian News cricket site announces its Spartan Sorai Rhino Cricket Bat Giveaway for cricket fans!

The Spartan Sorai Rhino cricket bat is designed in collaboration with former England cricketer Kevin Pietersen. The bat is made from Grade 3 English Willow which makes it durable and shock-resistant. Sorai Rhino has a mid-profile blade, with a full-bodied traditional spine suitable for players who like to do power hitting. It’s also light in weight which is perfect for first-timers who want to try their hand at cricket.

The Sorai Rhino Cricket Bat is not just any bat. Kevin Pietersen organized the campaign to save rhinos from extinction. 20% of the proceeds from purchasing the bat go to SORAI, a foundation that aims to save Rhinos. Pietersen, who grew up in South Africa, wanted to address the alarming number of Rhinos harmed because of poaching. Cricket fans who will join the giveaway will help in achieving the aim of this cause.

Rhinos are mammals mostly seen in Africa and Asia. The planet is home to 5 different species of rhinos--Black rhino, white rhino, Javan rhino, Indian rhino, and Sumatran rhino. Rhinos are being poached for their horns.

Betwala Marketing Executive Vishkar Chaudary said he is excited to launch Betwala’s giveaway
“We are excited to announce this giveaway. This is the first time Betwala will do a giveaway for fans. Spartan is a brand we trust and support. M.S Dhoni and Vivian Richards have used this brand, so we know that we are offering cricket fans the best there is.”

“We are excited about this giveaway. Betwala wants to be part of an organization that advocates. The number of rhinos from Africa and Asia is dwindling. We want to contribute something too,” he said.

“Doing this giveaway is not just for fun. It’s also for a cause. We want to raise awareness among fans. This giveaway is a small step in making a change in the environment,” said Chaudary.

Batsman Rohit Sharma recently announced on social media that he partnered with Pietersen to support the conservation of Rhinos.

For fans who are interested to join the Betwala giveaway, visit our page and sign up. The requirements are fairly easy. Just follow these easy steps:

1. Create an account on
2. Place your first bet and send us your BetID
3. Share on social media you’re going to win a ₹25,000 Spartan cricket bat!

Hurry and sign up now! The offer only lasts until September 5!

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