Hodusoft Proudly Announce UNICEF has Opted For Their HoduCC Call Center Solution

       By: Hodusoft
Posted: 2018-05-28 10:51:33
Hodusoft, a division of Ecosmob, a global VoIP technologies leader, proudly announced that UNICEF have opted to put in place Hodusoft’s HoduCC contact center software for use in Afghanistan, primarily for their polio campaign for children in that country.

UNICEF operates in 190 countries to protect rights of children and to improve their lives. Communication with field operatives and with people as a whole is tough in Afghanistan that has a mountainous terrain and weak infrastructure. UNICEF were looking for the right contact center solution that would help meet the challenges and enable smooth communication, even by people who use simple feature phones. UNICEF did examine various possibilities from different vendors but ultimately decided to settle on Hodusoft’s HoduCC solution as the best option in terms of cost, features, performance and support.

A beaming VP of the company said with obvious pride that Hodusoft’s selection by UNICEF is a pointer to the fact that the company has leveraged the best features of open source technologies and proved to be a thought leader by incorporating such advanced features like WebRTC and dynamic IVR with AI enabled automatic call distribution and real time analytics as well as reporting. “We were up against globally established brand names but we still won the contract because we offered the best in class, affordably priced solution with guaranteed support.”

That UNICEF, primarily a global humanitarian organization has chosen a contact center solution paves the way for other similar organizations to use such solutions in an innovative way. For instance, Hodusoft CC has full mobile integration, a necessary feature in countries like Afghanist and where landlines or other means of communication are challenging.

Before UNICEF tilted in favor of Hodusoft, quite a lot of extended negotiation was involved. “We believe that our high responsiveness at all stages, our willingness to go out of the way to explain features of our package and demonstrate use scenarios as well as novel implementations, impressed officials of UNICEF,” said the VP of the company. The company promised full support ranging from implementation to training of key personnel in offices as well as configuration and support backed by maintenance. “We have agreed to depute a team to Afghanistan to stay there and do all that is necessary to make Hodusoft CC central to UNICEF’s Afghanistan communication operations. We believe our software will help UNICEF better serve the children of Afghanistan even in the remotest areas and deliver urgent care when necessary,” he added.

Polio can be crippling and HodusoftCC will help UNICEF reach out to newborns and postnatal children by keeping track of them and by helping field operatives stay in touch with headquarters as well as location based hospitals and health care centres. Hodusoft is proud of being associated with UNICEF in a humanitarian venture.
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