AngelMD Venture Capital Fund Invests in Leading Bone Biologic Startup

Posted: 2018-01-07 07:17:35
SEATTLE - January 04, 2018 -- Today, AngelMD’s Catalyst I LP announced it has invested in Artoss, Inc. Artoss is a bone biologic company focused on improving bone grafting technology through a combination of nanotechnology and biology. This is AngelMD's second investment into the company, following a combined syndicate round in Q1 of 2016.

With traditional bone grafts, there are numerous risks, including rejection of the grafting material and infection of donated bone. As noted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, grafting success is further complicated due to unacceptable processing techniques that can destroy the structure and osteoinductive capacities of the graft material.

More recent advancements in the field have relied on novel graft materials, such as the NanoBone technology from Artoss. NanoBone improves on existing processes by using nanocrystals of hydroxyapatite (the chief structural element of naturally-occurring bone) that are suspended in a silica gel matrix. These crystals closely mimic the hydroxyapatite found in human bone, and they are 100,000 times smaller than the bioceramic particles found in other grafting treatments. Their smaller size leads to higher rates of acceptance, and better end results for the patient.

NanoBone has proven to be clinically effective in Europe, where the company has operated for over ten years. Artoss is now bringing the full line of NanoBone products to the United States, after being granted FDA 510(k) approval. Further, the company's products have recently been approved for purchase by the United States Department of Defense, under a Defense Acquisition Purchasing Agreement with the Prime Vendor, Owens & Minor.

Most recently, Artoss announced its NanoBone QD Bone Graft product, allowing for quick delivery of the NanoBone SBX Putty via an applicator that facilitates controlled and precise use in a cost-effective system. The product will be on display during the North American Spine Society NASS 2017 Conference in Orlando, from October 25th through the 28th.

Charlie Emley, Managing Partner of the Catalyst I Fund initially joins the Artoss Board of Directors as a Board Observer, lending his extensive management and investing expertise to support the Artoss, Inc. management team.

“As revenue continues to grow, and visibility and interest from industry rises, we felt like this was an ideal time to add support to the company as they drive to the next level. I am looking forward to working with the founders and their German partners, all of whom are seasoned veterans with a track record of success,” said Charlie Emley.

“The contacts, feedback and capital we have received from the AngelMD community have helped us achieve some very early wins. With the debut of our new NanoBone QD Bone Graft at the North American Spine Society meeting this week, capital from their Catalyst venture fund, and the expertise of Charlie Emley, we are really poised for a successful 2018.” said James Cassidy, PhD, Artoss, Inc. Co-Founder.

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About Artoss, Inc.
Artoss, Inc. is a leading bone biologic company, focused on NanoBiology. Applied NanoBiology is the intersection between nanotechnology and biology. Artoss scientists apply their knowledge of physics and biology to create new nanostructured biomaterials for bone repair.
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