Shopping Site Launches with Fun Gift Items

Posted: 2017-12-31 08:03:03
HONOLULU - December 28, 2017 -- Have you ever struggled to find a gift item to fit in your budget? Have you thought of getting something for fun, whimsical and unique but wondered where to buy it? offers great items that are great decorative pieces, quirky office gadgets or anything else that helps you express your individuality and personality.

At TreasureFiend, owner Faith Kim wants visitors to be able to find fun items people can purchase for themselves or gift without breaking the bank. As she was shopping for Christmas gift, she came across various items that she never knew existed and wanted other people to know about it too. “I have fun looking for a gift items for secret Santa gifts and became good at finding items that others really enjoyed within a very limited budget,” says Kim. “I thought, what if I can share those items with people who are looking for a gift to give or just to treat themselves with something fun at a great price?” With that thought she started to contact the suppliers and grow the items TreasureFiend carries.

“We only have a handful of products currently, but they are all quirky and unique!” says Kim. “And we are working daily to add more products.” They are expanding their product line and she states next product line will be “Princess” items catering for girls decorations. Her experience of having to shop at various stores to find items for her daughter lead her to try providing a one stop shop to solve that time consuming experience.

Kim, bargain hunter herself and a mother of four, says, “We want people to come to our shop and say 'oh, that’s a cool item' and 'what a bargain'. If we can meet those two objectives, we’ll be very happy.” All the products are products that she came across and loved it and she tries to find a way to offer that product to the market.

“Our vision is for to offer hundreds of fun and great price items for people to enjoy. Every time we find a unique item that we love we want others to enjoy it, too, and we start working on how to bring it to the market,” says Kim. “Eventually we would like to create our own products. But, one step at a time.”
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