Fair Trade Winds Expands its Selection of Fair Trade Clothing

       By: fairtradewinds.net
Posted: 2013-07-23 02:01:12
Fairfax, VA - July 23, 2013 -- In response to the recent tragedies in Bangladesh and Cambodia’s garment industries, Fair Trade Winds now carries more fair trade clothing in their six stores across the U.S. and online at fairtradewinds.net.

By shopping for apparel and other other goods at Fair Trade Winds, consumers can feel confident that the products were made in safe working conditions. “Fair Trade fashion is gaining momentum. We see a need to provide consumers with more alternatives to clothing made in sweatshops,” said Paul Culler, co-founder. The store offers clothing handmade by artisans in Ghana, Guatemala, India, Malawi, Nepal, and Uganda. “We are building awareness so that consumers know the whole story behind the clothing that they buy. Our products are brought to the marketplace in a way that is fair to the people who made them and promotes social justice.”

As members of the Fair Trade Federation of North America, Fair Trade Winds and its suppliers are fully committed to fair trade and build long-term relationships with the people who make their products. This commitment assures stability, full transparency in the supply chain, that workers are paid promptly and fairly, and that their rights are valued. Members also promote cultural identity and encourage environmentally sustainable practices.

"In fair trade, the people making the products are equal partners who are treated with respect and dignity. By cutting out the middle men and working directly with craftspeople, fair traders ensure that the benefits reach those who need them most," said Renee Bowers, Executive Director of the Fair Trade Federation.

In 2007, Lois and Paul Culler founded Fair Trade Winds in Bar Harbor, ME as a marketplace for meaningful, handcrafted goods made by smaller artisan cooperatives from all corners of the globe. Since then they have opened stores in Fairfax, VA, Stony Brook, NY, Seattle, WA, Springfield, OH, and Jamestown, RI.

Fair Trade Winds seeks to empower customers to become an integral part of a global, cooperative effort to benefit artisans, farmers, and the environment. Craftspeople and farmers work in safe and empowering conditions, children’s rights are ensured, and they are encouraged to invest time and money into their talents, land, families, and communities.
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