This Spring, Sabzee Mediterranean Market Offers Healthy and Flavorful Food Options

Posted: 2013-04-18 00:27:11
LOS ANGELES, April 17, 2013 -- Spring is officially in full swing, and the lengthening days and warm weather will surely be motivating many Southern Californians to begin modifying their diets in preparation for the impending swimsuit season. Fortunately for the health-conscious among us, Sabzee Mediterranean Market offers fresh, flavorful and ethnically authentic foods from various areas around the world.

The food from the Mediterranean region has become famous for both its incredible flavor as well as its pivotal role in a nutritious diet. In fact, the Mediterranean diet has long been considered one of the healthiest diets on the planet; the vegetables, beans, grains, yogurt, fish and olive oil that are staples of the diet are rich in the micronutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals necessary for long-lasting health. The Mediterranean grocery store provides one-stop shopping for various staples of a healthy diet like beans, rice and flour, as well as the Greek, Persian, East Asian spices that will make all your meals pop with exotic flavor.

In recent years, Americans have begun to discover the timeless, flavorful foods that are a hallmark of the Middle East. As the San Fernando Valley's premiere Middle Eastern grocery store, Sabzee Market offers a vast array of popular foods such as hummus, baba ghannouj, falafel, and an array of sweet, authentic deserts like Turkish delight and baklawa. While undoubtedly incomparable in flavor, even the deserts at Sabzee Market provide a less processed option than those found in your typical American supermarket of convenience store.

For Southern Californians with a sweet tooth who also want to look and feel their best, Sabzee Market is a true breath of fresh air – sometimes quite literally! Aromas from the fresh pastries and baked goods made fresh daily permeate the air as patrons walk in, setting the tone for a trip to a grocery store that offers the pleasant feeling of a true Mediterranean cultural hub. The freshness of the ingredients ensure customers never find themselves ingesting the sort of harmful preservatives that have been shown to be so detrimental to healthy living.

For many, the months of April and May used to consist of serious dieting in preparation of bathing suit season. However, this spring, eating healthy and eating delicious and authentic meals exist in tandem at Sabzee Mediterranean Market. Whether you're looking to recreate the flavors of your European or Asian heritage or you're a Southern California native looking to enhance your diet with exotic spices and incomparable flavors, Sabzee Mediterranean Market is sure to provide you with the culturally authentic flavors you're looking for. Sabzee Mediterranean Market is located at 17461 Ventura Blvd. in Encino.
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