New Legal Advice Engine launched for Solicitors and Law Firms

       By: Expert Answers
Posted: 2013-04-07 00:28:57
Legal question and answer company, Expert Answers Ltd, has launched its Online Legal Advice Engine for use by solicitors and law firms in the United Kingdom.

Online legal advice specialist, Expert Answers Ltd, has announced the launch of its new Legal Advice Engine for solicitors and law firms in the UK. This engine will benefit solicitors and law firms in three ways:

• an additional service to offer clients
• revenue generation
• source qualified leads

The product has been in development for the last 5 years and has been robustly tested in a live environment. Expert Answers Ltd launched its own “proof of concept” online legal advice service in 2011 and now gets in excess of 100 new users each month. With this in mind, and following a number of enquiries from solicitor firms, Expert Answers Ltd now feel the time is right to provide law firms in the UK an opportunity to use this exciting new tool.

Law firms are coming under ever increasing pressure including loss of revenue, reduced client base and significant cuts in legal aid funding. Deregulation of the industry has allowed non-traditional firms and individuals to enter the market targeting areas that were traditionally the preserve of qualified legal experts.

The biggest threat to law firms comes from the Internet with more consumers using it to find answers to their problems.

“Traditional law firms need to look at how they can tap into this growing market. The Expert Answers’ Legal Advice Engine gives them such an opportunity,” says James Mather, Solicitor and Legal Services Director. “Expert Answers’ service is already being used by a number of local authorities, and the company has links with various government and public service providers with a view to extending the range of its service even further.”

Andrew Rees, Team Leader at Cheshire West and Chester Council Trading Standards is a keen advocate of the service and acknowledges, “A lot of people can be put off going to a solicitor because they think when they walk into a solicitors office it could prove expensive; Expert Answers Engine offers access to a solicitor, but in a more affordable manner”

Lloyd Barrett, Technical Services Director, explains how immediate the service is, “Our Engine is unique. If anyone has a question, they don’t have to wait to ask someone. They can post their question online, any time of the day or night and be confident their question will be dealt with swiftly and professionally. An email notification lets them know when the question has been answered.”

James and Lloyd are optimistic about working with one of the major universities in Wales, “Following an introduction and facilitation by the Welsh Government we now have an agreement, in principle, to provide a Legal Advice Engine enabling law students to offer legal advice online to other students as part of the law curriculum. This is an exciting and prestigious opportunity for us to work with a major academic institution with a strong reputation for producing high calibre law graduates”

The company has now turned its attention to the development of a mobile phone app which will be launched in the near future, allowing even more people access to this valuable service.

About Expert Answers Limited
Expert Answers is a Limited Company set up to develop a pre-production prototype legal answer engine and test the market. It is on trial with the Trading Standards Agency in England and Wales.
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