Callmommyonline LLC Introduces Pinless Calling Service in Texas

       By: jacobhennebury
Posted: 2012-11-08 00:20:55
Houston, Texas- November 7, 2012- Callmommyonline LLC, a trusted telecommunication company specializing in Long Distance Telephone Service in TX, takes pride in providing their clients affordable and intelligent transaction with the launch of their pinless calling service in Houston which is now available on its website at

“Why are there more clients engaged to use these alternative telephone services? Because they simply are quick and easy to use, no pins needed, affordable, no hidden fees, and provide online reporting and statements. Our goal abides by the values pertaining to accuracy, promptness and professionalism. We specialize in prepaid calling and pinless calling services. Our affordable rates let you enjoy the benefits of a pinless direct international calling service from USA and Canada to anywhere in the world,” exclaimed Adam Akshar, owner of Callmommyonline LLC.

Unlike traditional prepaid phone cards, with pinless calling cards in Houston TX, the prepaid account is automatically detected when calling from registered phone number, enabling customers to make international calls without the need to enter the PIN. By registering your home phone number, your office number or even your mobile phone number on the company’s pinless calling system, your account will be automatically recognized when you call up one of their access numbers.

Using a pinless calling service also enables the user to receive some of the most competitive rates in the industry, no hidden fees and value added features, thus enabling more than one phone or family member to access the account. Not to mention its online reporting & statements and speed dial so user can quickly call his most frequently dialed international phone numbers.

In addition to their pinless calling cards, Callmommyonline, LLC also provides the best quality, no hidden fees, low rates prepaid calling cards in Houston. For many years, the company has been providing prepaid calling services that enable users to call anywhere in the world. Besides these calling cards in Houston TX, clients of Callmommyonline, LLC are also provided a top notch customer service and technical support. This is made possible with the company’s cutting edge technology, administering the best computer-generated program.

Callmommyonline, LLC welcomes everyone in Houston, Texas in the office located at Houston, TX, Aberdeen, New Jersey and Los Angeles, California. The company is also excited to invite you to visit its official website at and learn more about the company and the service it offers. Customers can sign up online and check out rates on different destination around the globe .Customers are also entitled with $10 for referrals, FREE minutes ($1) for testing quality, end of year bonuses 1% of amount spent to buy service and more. Get connected now and enjoy everything Callmommyonline offers!

More about Callmommyonline LLC: Callmommyonline LLC is a telecommunication company that spearheads the market initiative on telecom business operations. The company enables users to connect all over the world at affordable rates, they also helps service providers maximize the sales of their products and services. The company delivers innovative and tailored-electronic payment, cash collection solutions including a full settlement and reporting service, as well as full marketing and distribution service support. It therefore serves Houston, Texas and surrounding areas.


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