Mutual Federal Bank Announces Personnel Changes

Posted: 2011-06-17 21:44:07
NAPERVILLE, Ill., June 17, 2011 -- Mutual Federal Bank and Mutual Federal Bancorp, Inc. announced today that Supriyo Roy's and Harry Katz's employment and affiliation with the Bank and the Company have been terminated. Stephen M. Oksas, Chief Executive Officer of the Bank and the Company stated, "We remain committed to serving the Naperville community through our new branch located at 2695 Forgue Drive, Naperville, IL, and we are actively seeking executives to assist with our expansion in the Naperville community, which efforts began in January 2010."

About Mutual Federal Bank

Mutual Federal Bank is a federally chartered savings institution headquartered in Chicago, with a branch in Naperville, IL operating under the name Great American Bank.
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