Medrock Training, Leading First Aid Training Company in the UK, Gives to the Community

       By: Medrock Training
Posted: 2006-06-21 02:55:58
Medrock Training Ltd., a top provider of First Aid training courses, is well known for its long history of offering quality First Aid At Work Approved courses to businesses and other small groups throughout the UK and beyond. Customers as diverse as Blankley Golf Course, Laceby Residential Homes, and Lemington Primary School at Notts are familiar with the high level of professionalism exhibited by Medrock Training’s dedicated staff. Many may not know, however, of Medrock Training’s continuing charitable contributions to such causes as Forrester’s Fund for Children and Children’s Research Fund. Medrock even sponsors a Billinghay under-8’s football team. Learning of Medrock Training’s obvious interest in the welfare of children throughout the UK has generated considerable excitement throughout the British community. All are agreed that Medrock has emerged as a company with genuine interest in helping the community as a whole, both as a first-class First Aid training provider, and as a generous philanthropic organization. ABOUT MEDROCK TRAINING Medrock Training Ltd. provides First Aid training courses to businesses and other groups, with a wide variety of course offerings, including specially-tailored courses for individual groups. First Aid training courses are designed for up to 12 people, for an average cost of £300 (plus certification) per day. Those completing these First Aid Training Courses are then certified and registered with an HSE registered company as First Aiders for 3 years. They also offer the one day Appointed Persons First Aid Training Course. Learn more at their Web site at
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