Skin Care School and Massage Therapy Certification – A Powerful Combination

       By: ABC
Posted: 2006-06-20 04:10:05
Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics is one of few esthetician schools that is uniquely positioned to offer students the opportunity to earn both skin care credentials and massage therapy certification under one roof. The skin care school, Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics in Atlanta, GA, is a division of the highly acclaimed massage therapy school, Atlanta School of Massage, and together they offer graduates the possibility of earning certifications that cover the complete spectrum of spa services. Graduates with this combined skill set are highly sought after in the marketplace because of their ability to move between roles as business needs dictate. Clients enjoy the convenience and familiarity of finding one therapist who has both a massage therapy certification and skin care license. More and more students are considering the spa industry for their future careers due to the increasing popularity of wellness centers and day spas. Certifications in one specialty can be achieved within a year, making this a fast track career for those not wishing to invest in the traditional 4-year college programs. Research shows that during the past year over 1/3 of job openings in the United States have been in the spa industry. In a 2-year period, the number of spas increased by 60% and the number of employees increased by 87% making the spa industry the fastest growing segment of the job market. While massage therapy is still the number one requested spa service and 93% of all spas hire at least one massage therapist, clients are branching out and enjoying many of the other spa services such as European Facials, Microdermabrasion and Reflexology. Few skin care schools have this unique connection with an accredited massage therapy school, thus allowing students the convenience of earning both esthetics certifications and massage therapy certifications in the same location. For more information on pursuing a career in skin care or massage therapy visit our web site About one of the premier esthetician schools: Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics was formed in 2002 as a division of Atlanta School of Massage. Named a 2004 School of Distinction by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology (ACCSCT) national accrediting agency, Atlanta School of Massage has been an international leader in massage therapy education for 25 years. Formed by the same management team, with the same high standards in mind, Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics is following the same path of excellence set by its parent company. Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics stands out amongst the multitude of esthetician schools operating across the country because: ·

Our program is accredited by the ACCSCT. ·

We are authorized by the US Department of Education to offer Title IV funding. ·

We have 25 years of experience running a successful Massage Therapy school. ·

We have recruited quality teachers from throughout the US and from Europe where the standards of skincare education are much more rigorous than those currently required in the United States. Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics, a division of Atlanta School of Massage, is located at 2 Dunwoody Park, Atlanta Georgia 30338. For more information, call 1-888-276-6277 or visit For more information about the massage school, visit
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