Aging Nurses Rejuvenated by Traveling Nurse Opportunities of American Traveler

       By: James Dyson
Posted: 2006-11-08 21:52:37
For nurses with years of experience and high burnout rate, a traveling job with American Traveler can continue quality healthcare while giving nurses a chance to mix business with pleasure. American Traveler, one of the largest and fastest-growing travel nurse staffing agencies in the United States, has been easing burnout nationwide by offering nurses flexibility of location and competitive pay and benefits.

I have been trying to get the courage to become a travel nurse my whole life
Travel nurse jobs with American Traveler range from temporary to permanent positions, and are located across the nation in both rural and urban settings. Nurses can also choose from over 2,500 medical facilities, from large world-class university teaching hospitals to smaller, more specialized clinics.

Kathy Shuler was one such nurse that transitioned from permanent nursing to a more flexible traveling nurse schedule with American Traveler.

"I have been trying to get the courage to become a travel nurse my whole life," said Shuler. "Finally taking the leap to travel nursing has been a wonderful experience for me and my family." Shuler, 55, has been working in a prestigious children's hospital in Washington, D.C. for several months and travels with her daughter. Although apprehensive at first about the career move, Shuler now has plans to be a travel nurse long-term with American Traveler and referred two of her friends to the program who are currently on assignments.

American Traveler travel nurse company offers incomparable pay and benefits, including free housing in fully furnished apartments, free dental and medical insurance, licensure reimbursement, travel allowances and many other incentives. American Traveler cross country travel nurses can also travel with a spouse, children and pets, ensuring greater mobility.

While an industry-wide nursing shortage still plagues hospitals nationwide, American Traveler seeks to give experienced nursing professionals an alternative to quitting early or even retiring while their skills are still desperately in need.

"Travel Nurses have the perks of a great nursing job without the obligations that come with a permanent position," said Jenny Schuler-Kornsuwan RN, Clinical Coordinator and Documentation Manager at American Traveler. "As an example, travel nurses are given the option to work overtime rather than it being mandatory. Travel nurses joining the team help to reduce high nurse-to-patient ratios. This achieves better quality of patient care, smaller work loads and higher levels of job satisfaction."

About American Traveler
From world-renowned university teaching hospitals to rural medical facilities, American Traveler, the largest independent traveling nurse company in the United States, provides hospitals with the experienced and dedicated healthcare professionals they need. American Traveler places registered nurses and other allied healthcare professionals in short-term traveling assignments and permanent placement positions at prestigious hospitals all over the nation.
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