Photography Art Painting Design Masters Universities in Florence

       By: Laba Florence
Posted: 2010-04-22 05:05:17
The Liberal Academy of Fine Arts wants to be an important point of mediation between the latest artistic tendencies and the sensitivity of a city like Florence which has given great value to its artistic heritage and has developed a strong cultural identity.

The Liberal Academy of fine Arts, recognized by the MIUR (Italian Ministry of Universities and Research), with Painting, Graphic Design and Multimedia, Design, Photography, Restoration, becomes a Polytechnic for the Arts where technology merges with technique for a new concept in aesthetics. Besides the 3 + 2 year Academic courses (for diplomas at 1st and 2nd level), the Academy also runs Professional and Liberal courses.

Masters courses, and one year courses in many disciplines. Most of our students are Italian, around the 30% are foreign. The Academy has gradually become a real melting pot of races and ideas, of continual ethnic and cultural exchange, a place where young people of diverse customs, cultures, religions and ethnic groups meet up, discuss and develop their own knowledge and skills of art, creativity, beauty and harmony.
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