Presents the Biggest Drawbacks of Outsourcing

       By: Nick Krym
Posted: 2010-04-11 04:27:26
As a continuation to the numerous previous resource e-books which presented the major benefits and risks for outsourcing and working with freelancing professionals, now presents its latest addition. 'The Pragmatic Outsourcer' offers an in depth look into this constantly growing service sector, which unveils all the drawbacks of outsourcing and most dangerous pitfalls of outsourcing. In the past years, outsourcing a resource previously only available to the largest companies and corporations has become widely available to all size companies.

Small and medium sized companies can now also benefit from all the potential benefits which usually consist in greatly reduced costs and shorter market preparation timeframes. However, this particular service sector, with all its large benefits still comes complete with numerous potential traps which can have a much more detrimental effect to lower size companies. Possibly, one of the major drawbacks of outsourcing is the fact that a growing number of firms and individual from the vast majority of countries have started offering their services to firms of any sizes searching for reliable partners.

The new e-book presenting the main pitfalls of outsourcing and drawbacks of outsourcing is written by Nick Krym, a technology professional with over 25 years of experience in the Internet Technology industry. Nick Krym, the CTO of one of the largest US companies operating in the IT sector, has spent most of his career on the 'buyer's side' of this service sector, and is sharing a carefully gathered collection and tips that are intended to help service 'buyers' to stay away from lost time and money and potential headaches that can come from falling into the major pitfalls of outsourcing. The new e-book consists of five different volumes which tackle everything from risks for outsourcing and alternatives to vendor selection, contract negotiation, and many more.

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