Housing Market Shows Promise for New Home Star

       By: New Home Star
Posted: 2010-03-25 06:53:43
The recent expansion of new home sales and marketing company, New Home Star, seems to signal a shift in builder mentality and cautious optimism in the home building industry. This is particularly true in Raleigh, which Hanley Wood Market Intelligence recently ranked as one of America's healthiest housing markets for recovery.

Since its inception in 2007, Chicago-based New Home Star has expanded into more than a dozen cities across North America. Most recently, they have emerged as a leader in the Raleigh home building industry. Entering the market in mid-2009, New Home Star's outsource model has proven effective for an increasing number of builders and developers. New Home Star currently manages full sales and marketing responsibilities for 21 new home communities in Raleigh - more than any individual builder.

Many builders recognize today's need for a strong sales and marketing presence, but are limited by budget and overhead cutbacks. Sales and marketing outsource companies can effectively bridge this gap, providing targeted services in a pay-as-you-close cost structure. In a service environment traditionally controlled by small local companies, New Home Star has made a significant impact by leveraging best practices and selling strategies across a nationwide network.

"It's an obvious need that we're very capable of filling. We recruit, train and manage the top associates in a market and provide them with the best operating tools in the industry," explains New Home Star President, David Rice. "We provide our builder partners with the look and feel of an in-house sales team, but with all of the advantages of outsourcing to a specialized, national organization."

As the home building industry begins looking forward, New Home Star provides a system built around the success of the builder. Shortly after entering Raleigh, New Home Star was recognized by the Triangle Sales and Marketing Council for top sales in the market. Now managing 21 communities, Raleigh Division President, Jonathan Hayward, projects closings to top 300 homes this year.

"Sales and marketing outsourcing is fairly common in Raleigh, and the benefits are well known. But it's still a big decision and requires an outsource partner whose goals are completely aligned with the builder's. New Home Star provides builders with the sales and marketing accountability they deserve," says Hayward. "Our systems and sales associates are the best in Raleigh, and I think that shows in our performance."

About New Home Star:

New Home Star is a national sales and marketing company, providing home builders and developers with sales training and development, staffing and recruiting, strategic and tactical marketing and operational intelligence. New Home Star operates in 12 markets across the United States and Canada, managing over $500 million in sales revenue.

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